Sunday, July 8, 2007


The Philippines is gifted with natural wonders. Some are discovered, some are waiting to be exposed. As a tropical country, it offers spectacular beaches and landscapes that can’t be seen in other countries. For this entry, let the spotlight focus on Bohol . Bohol is almost synonymous to Chocolate Hills – definitely a visual feast. Hundreds of locals and tourist troop to these majestic hills everyday, and some synchronized gasps can be heard. They must be in awe. I was.

The beaches on the said island showcase different personalities. Try to stay on the same spot and observe the area as the dawn breaks and as the sun sleeps – it’s like you are on two different islands. A comforting spot to hide away from the hurly-burly’s of the city. You’re going to love the sun here.

I am running out of words; hope the photos below are enough to describe the paradise.

Go and visit the Philippines!



  1. Wow. I would love to go here. It's just a jump away from our PRovince Cebu. And my package trip na raw for one whole day where you get to see most of it. Hay. Kelan kaya....

    Kailan ka napadpad ng Bohol, Totomai?

  2. The great thing with beautiful photos is you get to say everything without need for words. :)

  3. @Coy, the photos were taken last November. wala lang kasi akong maisip na pwede i-blog kaya dadaanin ko na lang muna sa pictures. hehe

    thanks. medyo busy lang dito sa work

    @May - hehe. thanks. pantakip sa katamaran ang pictures hehehe

  4. nice 07.07.07 entry. kahit late na yung photos. hehe.. you're not the first to mention about the beauty of Bohol. in fact, it's one of the highly recommended local destinations these days...

  5. Aww the photos brought me to tears (and the Thai music too I guess...) =( It's a shame that I've visited more places outside the Philippines than places in the Philippines... :( I've only been in Manila and Cebu.

  6. @aajao, hehe, better late than never. lol, i never thought of 07-07-07. all i wanted is to post something not to make this blog stagnant. hehe

    @geo, hala, napaiyak kita hehe. now, its about time to explore the beauty of the Philippines. hehe. its one of my fave thai songs. hehe (pero konti pa lang ang alam ko e)

  7. Pwede na pala tayo mag lakwatsa club :D :D

  8. @May - pwede na. hehe. san ba una? sa mambucal? hehe


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