Thursday, July 12, 2007


A yawn is infectious. I don’t know the mystery behind its contagiousness but more than often, I am easily infected by it. Some say that it signifies boredom or world-weariness; for others – it’s just human nature.

When I was in senior high school, our Physics teacher forbade yawning. It may sound weird but it’s true. She said that if a student yawns during her class, it means that she is a boring teacher, or the lesson isn’t interesting enough. Or she is ugly. I might agree on the third reason. Oops. The consequence of being caught was a five-peso penalty and a five-minute monologue about theories and discoveries. Of course, each one of us tried of being creative not to be obvious. I had a lot of techniques too just to avoid being called. If my mouth is attempting a silent scream, I usually bit my lower lips or ballpoint to have the opening in minimum. Or sometimes, I pretend that I drop something or act as if I’m cleaning my shoes. Funny but it was a struggle. Haha!

When I started working, there are moments that I can’t help but to yawn. It’s more on being sleepy than being engaged on a not-so-challenging job responsibility. I have been to coma-inducing seminars too and its really difficult to pretend that I am awake. Sometimes I thought what the speaker would feel if all his participants are asleep or alternately covering their mouths just to release that tear-causing air. I thought I can find the answers when I had the chance to be the speaker. But thanks to my nerves and to my tongue-twisting stutters, they manage to keep my audience awake.

What a senseless entry. Haha! I hope you didn’t yawn a bit while reading this. I almost fall asleep while writing this.




  1. I have a classmate in college who yawn during a Statistics and Probability discussion, ayun, napagalitan.. nakakahawa nga daw sabi ng professor namin.. :-)

  2. @elizar, humikab din siguro ang prof nyo ano? thanks for dropping by


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