Thursday, July 12, 2007



Flickr Philippines is currently in the drawing board and are cooking a one-day shoot-out among members of the Philippines group in the spirit of camaraderie. This thread will be the elimination round of that grand contest to be held three weekends from now. All you have to do is to post 3-5 of your best photographs (your portfolio) from which those who will be judged by our Admins as the Top 50 submitters will be qualified to join the shoot-out .

By photographs, we mean photographs that have not been spot-edited. Spot editing is adding or removing blur, color, another photo, digital vignettes etc. to selected sections your photo. Cropping is ok. 'Sepiafying' or converting colored to black and white the whole picture is ok. Noise addition or reduction to the whole image is ok. Believe us, we have a pool of experts that know how to tell when a photograph has been spot-edited or not.;)

This contest is open to all skill levels but we discourage pros to join. (Pagbigyan na po kaming mga nakakahiligan lamang mag-picture.:)) You can use ANY camera of your choice be it in film or digital for your portfolio (during the elimination) but they should be at least 1 megapixel (1000x1000) in size so that our Admin-judges can view it larger. Because we are just starting out, this contest is only open for those who can make it to a yet to be determined place in Metro Manila on the actual shoot-out.

The theme of your portfolio is open but we will be looking for shots that tell who you are but is not limited to self-portraits but more of from how you 'see' the things around you. We also advise you to display your versatility in your portfolio because our Admin-judges are from different walks of photography genre. All of these should be on top of the aspect that your pictures should be technically sound in terms of focus, composition and exposure. We don't care about ISO noise or film grain much.

Posting guidelines:

1) Number your entry serially, an increment to the one before you. Place your first name, last name and the city you live in.
2) Portfolio pictures should be 'small' in size and 'public' in accessibility.
3) Post just pictures, no text. If you want to shed a little information about your photo then do it in your stream where it's located.
4) Tag your entries with 'flickrista_contest_1'.
5) This thread will close on Friday (July 13, 2007 11:59 pm)

Post your entries here.

Those who will not be complying to any of these will not be entertained for judging. Please do not post any other comments on this thread. For your rants, raves and questions, post them in the here.

Goodluck mga ka-flickr! Katuwaan lamang ito para sa ating lahat! A new DSLR kit and 'surprizes' await!


  1. now i wish i'm good at taking pictures. i'll tell my friends about it. ;)

  2. @liz, naks pa humble ka pa :-) sabihan mo na ang mga kaibigan mo. mukhang mauusog ang deadline e.

  3. totomai, speaking of pictures, i wonder kung nami man ang kodak nga camera, 12x optical zoom tapos 7.1 mp... plan ko mabakal.. pero may ara man olympus kag cybershot 7.1 mp pero 3x optical zoom lang.. mau man na ayhan.. i'm fond of photos pero di pa ko mau magkuha.. hehe

  4. @gilbert, pareho yun dito sa kasama ko. medyo ok din ang kodak pero kung gusto mo, dslr na lang :-)

    by the way, kung gusto mo point and shoot, may ara na nikon nga nami, nalimtan ko lang ang model pero nami ang pic quality - additional bonus pa ang vibration mode kag dako nga LCD

  5. mauusog nga ba kaya yung deadline? i know a couple of people who are very interested in this and i respect them as photographers. hanggang kailan pa kaya pwede mag-pass?

  6. @liz, tingnan ko mamaya ha. nawawala kasi signal dito.

    tanong ko pa din ung mga admins

  7. @liz, i'm very sorry but they didn't move the deadline. should have posted this ad before.

  8. Sorry about not extending the deadline. But don't worry, this is just the first of a series of photo contests in the Philippines Group. Totomai here will keep you all posted. At sana, mas maaga na siya mag-promote. Haha. Salamat, Totomai!

  9. yan, si bingbing kasi. late na nagbigay ng go signal. hehe. wala blema po ate bing, isang flickr tshirt lang ang kapalit hehe


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