Sunday, July 29, 2007


Before leaving for Thailand, I, my brother and his girlfriend (leaving for Singapore) and my cousin decided to go to Mambucal Resort instead of being jailed in our small bungalow-type abode. It was summer after all; feel the heat for the last time. Hehe.

Mabucal Resort, an hour drive from Bacolod City, is famous for its seven falls. It has been featured in various travel, sports programs and even sitcoms. Perhaps the challenge is to climb the trek until the seventh falls. Unfortunately for me, my companions usually surrender after reaching the sixth falls. But anyhow, there’s some fulfillment to it – like shedding off some fats.

The first six falls are restricted for swimming, risks of falling rocks, tree branches are quite high but you can swim all you want at the final fall, assuming I am correct though. The first four falls are not that spectacular but you can take souvenir photos for the sake of remembrance. I liked the 6th falls very much, the huge rocks guarding a small basin are relaxing.

You can go bat watching too, but I wasn’t able to see it. There’s some natural hot springs on the said area. An atmosphere that is needed by stressed individuals. Overnight cottages are available too.

If you are bored with the falls, you can go down and explore the area. A year ago, the lagoon was engaging, you can go boating, but I was surprised to see it now covered with algae. It was one of its attractions before. The butterfly garden was closed but I believe it will be opened again.

The food is nice. If you crave for seafoods, I think they can prepare it for you. And don’t forget the exotic flowers that most local sell, they are beautiful beyond words and they are definitely cheap.

I hope I don’t miss much to say about the place. If you have time please visit it especially if you are in the City of Smiles.



  1. wow mambucal! last time i set my foot in that "mountain" was in year 1985. i was a child then and all i could remember is the beauty of nature. sana makadalaw ulit ako sa Negros. :)

  2. @tukayo, ano pa hinihintay mo? dalhin mo na si labs mo. ikot dom kayo sa bacolod. hehe


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