Friday, July 27, 2007


Just when my sanity was about to splinter, an officemate of mine invited me to a well-deserved Friday night escapade. After eight months of toiling with paper works and calculations, I can finally savor the spirit of relaxation. Don’t get me wrong, I think I deserve this one! Just when every one thought that Japan is only a place for Buddhism, oriental mysticism and traditions; think again, the country has a lot to offer. I was thrilled by the invitation, really I was.

We went out of office at 1830H, luckily for us our respective bosses were out of office attending some business trips and conferences; took a dinner and of course prepared ourselves for the night. At 2200H, here we go DESTINATION AGEHA!


The whole night I was pretty pumped up, raising unlimited and maybe nonsensical questions to my officemate about what is going to happen and what to expect. Well, it’s my first time you know after a while. We took the train and arrived at Shin-kiba at 2330H. The place is packed already and we were welcomed by these Japanese ladies clad in flashing bikinis and naïve smiles. Then, I remembered, it was Bikini Nights for the ladies and I always thought that Japanese gals are quite conservative, I was dead wrong. Hasty generalizations, huh?

Anyway, the main door was still closed, had to open at 2400H. And when the clock signaled that it is time to get ugly, a duster of locals and gaijins (I’m guilty!) sprinted towards the dance floor. A very huge dance floor as a matter of fact. Bodies moved and collided with each other, dancing to the beat as if the sun will never rise again. As I observed the area, I was surprised that almost 60% of the crowd are foreigners, hmmm, where did they come from? Ooops, where did we all come from? Hehehe.

The floor continued to throb, it was never-ending. We decided to go to the Water Bar, where there was a pool and party animals bounced around it. The adventurous ones took all their clothes off and allowed to be seduced by the blue waters. It was great watching them but we had to escape or else we will be thrown off to the pool too. We didn’t bring any extra clothes by the way.

Back to the main arena, the party went on, temperature rose to the maximum. And in a short while, the main course was served. Five platforms were filled with ladies in bikinis, Japanese, Italian, African, Filipino among others; they tried to outperform each other to get the attention of the spectators. I secretly took some pictures of them, hehe, I know it’s not allowed but I had to. I believed I was told by the security not to take pictures twice, but I didn’t care at all. The girls continued to perform an hour.

Me and my friend kept on extracting our energies on the floorboards. And at 0530H, we felt that nothing is left to us, it meant, time to go home. We took the train, and then the bus. We only realized that we already arrived on our destination when the bus driver shouted to us SUMIMASEN, SHOTEN DESU (Haha, sorry if this is wrong! I am poor in Japanese). Well it means, this is the bus stop (last station). The driver was insensitive; can’t he see that we had just our 15-minute slumber? DAMN!


an experience when I was in Japan


  1. hehe, that was a nice escapade ;-)
    Very nice story, I've enjoyed the reading.

  2. Thanks my friend. How's Portugal?

    This particular escapade made me want to go back to Japan. Glad you enjoyed this experience of mine

  3. what a fun filled night to remember....

  4. Great times good friends you should do it more often.

  5. Great story, maybe I'll get to Japan one day. Gonna check out your other stuff. i'm writing from Thailand and haven't yet worked out your connection with the country.


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