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Death is inevitable. Sooner or later we will be on a permanent slumber, 6 ft below ground. Scary. I don’t know, but in my current state of mind, I don’t think I am ready to die. I have a lot of things yet to do for my family and for myself. Hehe.

It is also a bit tricky. I mean, you will never know when are going to have your last breath. It may come all of a sudden or it will tease you for a very long time. I still can’t decide which one I would prefer. Go back to the first paragraph. I am not yet ready.

One of my friends was on his early thirties when he died of cancer. We came from the same company and were assigned in Japan for a couple of months. He had a very bubbly personality, managed to flash a smile to anyone. I used to call him Idol! After he came back from Japan, I went home months earlier; he had experienced some headaches and later was diagnosed as cancer. After three to four months, he finally left his wife and two children. Rest in peace, Idol!


for Idol 1970-2004

If Idol had experienced a slow pace of death, my other friend, Migz, had an abrupt one. He was an ROTC officer and an engineering student before shifting to a different career. One of his passions is flying and he studied in Batangas for a relevant course. When he was in his senior year (if I remember it correctly), he tried to fly a plane not knowing that would be his last flight. The plane crashed and so his young life at 25. Rest in peace, Migz!

death's shadows

Paper Planes
for Migz 1977-2003

There are different faces of death and all of them are painful. But I think the most painful one is to see the parents mourning and grieving by the death of their child. Parents always say that they should not bury their children or that effect. It is not fair to have their children die before them.


Room for Rent

Reserve this room for me, Daddy,
no Disney characters in it, only
maroon curtains. But it is okay.
Would that be fine?

Anything you ask, son,
I’ll look over you while you rest.
Look at the lights, like the neon stickers;
just relax, tomorrow’s a big day.

Thanks, Daddy,
Would you drive me towards the camp?
I can’t forget the first time I rode with you
in our red Volkswagen.

Just as promised, son,
everybody seems happy to welcome you,
see that green tent
with your name in gold letters?

Very clear, Daddy,
got to go now, the place is dark
but I know the trek on this alley is short.

Hush now, son,
go on, enjoy your new place;
I’ll visit you everyday
on this Camp of Silence.

I hope I will be ready when my time comes. But can I predict when will it be?



  1. Death is a sad reality, but to be honest, I am ready to die. :)

    We are sinners and death is the ultimate price to pay. However, that's only physical death. If we lose our faith, we experience 2nd death: to be forever separated from God.

    Death also is a beginning, a beginning to live in God's kingdom. :)

  2. @geo, thanks. its maybe because you are spiritually mature hehe. ako hindi e hehe

  3. "...then death is but a slumber, sweet rest when all is done..."

    tukayo, i've always hold on to those lines whenever i think of death. sayang. science can not extend life. siguro talagang may "Supreme Being" na pinagmulan ng lahat ng bagay, at siya ring may karapatang bumawi nito. :)

  4. @tukayo, parang ang pangit naman siguro kung di tayo mamamatay. ang sikip na ng mundo kung ganun. hehe

    teka, magkatukayo nga ba tayo? pano mo nalaman real name ko hehe

  5. Good Post. Death is inevitable. We all will die someday. Its how you prepare yourself for it thats important.

    This year was terrible for my family. I think we buried 4 extended family members just this year.

  6. @trench, im so sorry to hear that. i guess youre right, its about how prepared you are to face death.

    thanks for dropping by!

  7. Moving pieces and engaging thoughts. Death is a part of life. Why fear something that's inevitable or try to defy the natural law? I think it is our human nature to dwell on something, to be immortal. I think the fear of death comes from not knowing what lies ahead. Nobody has really gone there and came back to tell what it is like.

    But we can not hold on to something forever. Even to summer ~ even to the life we have now. We have to descend to the automn and winter of life to awake to the springtime.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  8. @Jeques, you're right we cant hold on to forever. sooner i will be reading facing it. but as of the moment im afraid, i still cant.


  9. i find the poem room for rent very comforting.. not only people but places familiar to you awaiting you in the great beyond... very comforting indeed...

  10. Each cameo of death is so moving! Death is often a difficult subject to explore. But this posting does it with beautiful sensitivity!

  11. I love the immediacy of these poems and all the images and personal touches.

  12. Good post. I believe death is a part of life, a moving on else where, to who knows where.

  13. beautiful poetic observations... i don't think we're ever really ready.. tho some days i am more than ready to move on to heaven and other days there is so much to do here on earth...

  14. Beautiful entry. It stirred my heart, very poignant. Your poetry is wonderful.


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