Friday, July 20, 2007


What’s with Japanese dolls? Before leaving Japan, most of my friends / relatives asked for a Japanese doll as their pasalubong. Since I am too lazy to carry these bulky souvenirs, and I don’t have enough yen left, I only bought one for my aunt. Some of them settled for Japanese doll key chains.

These dolls are famous as omiyagis (souvenirs). Perhaps they symbolized Japanese women -- fragile, graceful and elegant. (Well, that’s how totomai define Japanese women). Or they just look pretty good when displayed.

Going back to the doll I gave to my aunt, it became my model when I am bored. She’s very cooperative by the way, lol and doesn’t complain. Each shot of hers is like taking a photo of another doll. I like her multiple personas. Don’t shoot me, I was almost crazy during those times.

This porcelain became my inspiration too. I was able to write a poem just by glancing at her. She volunteered to be my metaphor. Heartbreak!

Well, its about time to introduce her to each one of you, my handy model, Sayuri-san.

When you go to Japan, don’t forget to check some souvenir shops and grab one, of course you need not go to expensive ones.



  1. your definition of Japanese women is remarkable. you are very respectful, tukayo :D

    oh btw, if you'll be here before the 27th of this month, you might wanna grab the free tickets i'm giving away (details on my blog, hehe... plugging) and see a show by (some) Filipino women. :)

  2. @tukayo, hehe, syempre biased ako sa japanese women. may past kasi e hehehehe

    mukhang wala pa ako nyan diyan. 1 year ako dito hehehe pero salamat. anong show kaya yun hehe

  3. I want a Japanese doll! And an authentic katana. Playin' :D

    The poem is haunting. Mabuti palang source of inspiration si Sayuri-san.

  4. @ May - hehe. dapat nagpabili ka sa akin last time hehehe.

    yup, the poem was written after a break up huhuhu


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