Monday, August 13, 2007


I’ll be three-months old here in Thailand come August 19. Time soars. I think I had adjusted prettily in this kingdom. It’s as if I never left Philippines except for the billboards and signs in Thai alphabets, the right-hand drive rule, their lust for spicy foods and the difficulties of the locals to express their thoughts in English. Other than those mentioned, everything’s fine, in my opinion.

More or less, this entry is a bit spontaneous, about what I did, saw, heard and experienced during that span. Random listings as far as I can remember:

Got my new toy. Finally. After that eulogy (thanks Benj) for my Casio EX-Z40, I guess its about time to unveil the identity of my new girl. After deeply thinking on what to buy between Nikon D40x and Nikon D80, I decided to enslave the latter. It’s one week old and so far so good. A bit heavier and bulkier than my older camera but the vibrancy of the color compensates to it. My next toy? Hmmm, a macro lens perhaps. I am thinking to take shots of the hotel and show it to the management. Who knows, I might get paid. Haha!


Let’s talk about a bit of Tennis. Nope, I haven’t seen any matches except from the internet live feed of Martina losing to Laura Granville at Wimbledon. Martina Hingis. I have been following Martina for a decade now and I could say that she had the worst showing of her career, I am not just talking about her comeback. I really didn’t know what caused her decline, especially after winning the Toray Pan Pacific Open last Feb 2007. It must be love. And just when everyone thought that Martina will marry Radek Stepanek, a flashing headline announces their break-up. (Lucky me! lol!). I do hope that this won’t further de-motivate Martina. Don’t you worry my Swiss Miss, I am still here, and of course, you’re still there. Hehe.

When I left Japan, I wrote an entry about my firsts in the said country. It is no exception here in Thailand. I had lots of first already and before I will forget some of them, better to write them now: a) Golf – it looks easy on TV but in actuality its difficult. I can’t even hit the ball right away. I think I have to stick with bowling. And talking about bowling b) got my first injury on my fave sport – I wrongly landed with my foot. The result, an inflamed muscle (right rib cage area) according to the doctor. Took pain killers and muscle relaxation medicines but until now, it still hurts. Oh, well, the physician said it could last even for a month, 1 more week to go then, c) live show – my very first. Hehe. Went to Bangkok last month and dragged my feet to this place. It wasn’t that bad, actually I and my friends found it humorous. Really. d) driving – never really tried driving in the Philippines (even being surrounded by taxis when I was growing up) and Japan, but I had finally tasted it here. It felt so good, Toyota Vios made it easier for me. Now, I have to apply for my license when I go back home, well, if my mother will allow it. Haha! e) submarine – I thought submarines are used only during wars but here in Pattaya it can be a vessel to explore the hidden paradise. During our visit, it’s a bit muddy since the weather wasn’t good all we can see are the divers. Lol. f) Hard Rock Café – how about a sign screaming “Welcome. No nuclear weapons and drugs allowed”. Cool. Nuclear weapons. I find it weird though I may be interpreting it differently.

One time at the hotel lobby, I grabbed an English newspaper and was surprised to see the inmates from Philippines on its front page. It shouted “Inmates thrill the internet”. Out of curiosity I tried searching for the videos (it was difficult since Youtube is banned here in Thailand). I was able to see all of the videos from multiply, and my favorite performance was Radio Gaga. Lol.

Talking about multiply, one of my playlists, Musika – sariling amin, was asked to be removed (actually they already did) by the administrators citing they have received a complaint from someone about copyright violation. Hmm, Grace Nono? Freddie Aguilar? Bodgie’s Law of Gravity? Andrew E.? APO?

We have received a Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA)
request to remove one or more content items from your
Multiply site. Per the DMCA, we are required to act when a
copyright holder claims someone is sharing their content
without permission. For now, we have changed the access on
the item(s) reported so that only you can access them going
forward. We suggest you remove these item(s) completely, as
well as any others that may contain copyrighted material. We
reserve the right to cancel your account if we discover
another violation.

Here is the list of items that were reported to contain
copyrighted material:

If you believe these item(s) do not violate any copyrights,
please contact customer service here:

Thank you for understanding.

Funny, just in time for its anniversary, I uploaded that list last year. I think it was my most popular playlist. I love that list and my intention only was to share it to other OFWs too. Sorry guys, the game was over. Lol.

It has been a constant struggle with our wireless connection too, we are paying 500 baht monthly and all we get is a low or no connectivity signal. Almost every night, we called the internet provider and finally placed a router beside my room. Hehehe. It’s all good now.

Since this is random. I don’t know how to end this entry.




  1. Hey 22mai! Kaya yan ni Marti!

    Andyan naman si Rogi for inspiration e! lol

  2. ^ tama si jennyian. kaya ikaw muna ang bahala kay radek. ok?

  3. @jelena, di a, ako ang magiging inspiration ni martina hehehe martina martinez hehe

    @mykel, ayos ang comment mo a haha!

  4. Did I tell you I used to play a lot of golf as well? :P

    golf tayo sa Thailand. Hehe

  5. no problem benj, basta ba sagot mo hehehe

  6. bakal ka na gani car di,hehehe..damo di vios for sale..enjoy tuod drive as long as you know where u are going, mind..status symbol?:))

  7. hi mang, mabakal wala gani kwarta di hehehe. barato lang di ang golf a hehe

  8. maulan ba diyan sa Thailand ngayon? dito, hindi masyado, pero tatlong araw na nang walang pasok. nakakabagot. hindi mo lang mapapansin, pero lumot na ako.

  9. @liz, ayaw mo nun? la pasok, meaning more time to write hehe. thanks for dropping by

  10. Wala ka paring AIDS?! Tatag ah. lol

  11. Whew! I finally got the time to be back here to read and browse through your creations. It's my day off from work for 2 days so I am taking the chance. Random thoughts and "1sts," I also wrote some pieces semilar to this before. I have to scan my notebook. My most recent "1sts?"
    I had my first Automn when I arrived here in Chicago last year, I had my first snow, springtime, first time to go out of the country, take an international flight and be considered a foreigner, be called an immigrant. First time to see the Sears Tower, and reach its Skydeck. First time to really feel how it is to live alone and feel alone even in the crowd, the anonymity I only imagined growing in a small town in the Philippines where everybody know everybody. First time to stand out having brown skin. It is exhilarating! But still, there are moments when I just wanted to be back in our land to have the comfort and warmth of home. And yes, the first time realizing it that I could never really go back to what was then, I can only move forward.

    And the most recent "first" of them all: My first Blog! And I will be forever grateful to you. Devine providence, that's exactly how I see it.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  12. @benj, mukhang mauunahan mo pa akong magka AIDS hehehe

    @Jecques, thanks for that wonderful reply. its the same feeling i had when I set foot in Japan - 4 seasons were way too cool I thought.

    congrats on your blog! yay! now go and search the blogosphere and meet new friends hehe

  13. Four Seasons, they are great source of inspiration that produced the origial Haiku of the ancient Japanese literature.

    I'm fine with having a space to write for now. To explore of course is inevitable, but that should come much later.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  14. take your time Jeques :-)

    yup, the four seasons really are the source of inspiration for haikus. i made one before hehe


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