Sunday, September 23, 2007


I never had a sister. She never had a brother. I am Totomai. She is MymyMy brother's name is Ritche. Her sister's nickname is Ritzi. I am young, she is old (older than 3 months). Two decades ago when I first met her and immediately we developed a bond that continues to exist and will exist in this lifetime as long as we live. How lucky I am to have her as my bestfriend.

As quick as an eye’s wink, I can still remember how she towered over me when we were in high school. To her surprise I am taller than she is right now. During those times she always encouraged me to do better especially in class. She even expected me to be an honor student. We even had a bet that.

During her 18th birthday celebration, we had this cotillion, and damn, how I messed up during that number. I can’t even remember any step. I and my partner just did some freestyle dancing. Too bad, it had to be captured on video. Its been a joke for us for a while. Hehe.
We went to the same university too. She majored in Computer Engineering and me in Chemical Engineering. She asked me to investigate his suitors while she searched potential girlfriends for me. It’s a set up we enjoyed.

When we finished college, she went to Manila and found a job in Batangas. I took the licensure examinations and applied for a job in Taytay, Rizal. We seldom saw each other because of the distance but we kept on informing each other our what-and-where-abouts. One time she texted me her boyfriend (now her husband, hi Lean!) got her pregnant and that he was in hiding. That message was worse than the sound of an alarm clock! I kept on calling her and she continued to cancel it. Later she told me that they were laughing their ass off by my reaction. See how bad she is??? Hehe!

After few more years, we found ourselves in the Land of the Rising Sun. I was assigned by my company and so was she. We usually met during weekends and talked about the blessings we received. We started recalling that we never planned working in abroad when we were in high school. But here we are, trying our best to speak in Japanese. Haha!

Of course, there were moments that we talked about our families, provided some possible solutions to a problem. And she really helped me a lot. I hope I helped her a lot too.

Anyways, two years ago, she decided to get married. And she requested me to be a part of the entourage. You know what? I can’t make it! I am going to miss the wedding of my bestfriend. F*C*!!! Of all weddings, I can’t be there to witness their vows and celebration for a new chapter of their life. Damn. The reason? The new Japanese company that hired me didn’t allow me to go back home. They said, I am only 2 months old. Oh well. I gave them a present but I know its not enough to compensate my absence. She said, she understood.

When she returned to Japan, she showed me the video of their wedding. I don’t know, but while watching the video, I kept on hearing the words “You should have been there”. Yes, I know. Maybe on their 25th anniversary, I can able to attend it. Hehe! Fingers-crossed, when I get married she will be there.

Late last year, I didn’t renew my contract in Japan and currently I am in Thailand. She went home too early this year and decided to quit her job this month. Her main purpose is to be with her husband and produce wonderful and beautiful offspring. Of course, a couple would always want kids. Bespren Lean – hinay hinay lang ha?
To you my bestfriend, soon, you will be 30, allow me to wish you the best of everything -- married life, career, being a wife and soon to be a mother (hopefully). Thank you very much for all the things you’ve done to me, for all the memories. I know you still remember them.
Too bad, this is all I can afford on your 30th birthday!

Happy Birthday and Halong Pirmi.


  1. thanks mai :*
    my bespren... miss u... im still laughing everytime i remember that pregnancy bluff i did to you way back... its so nice to know that u r willing to risk ur lyf (since lean is twice ur size during that tym) just to save me from the so called embarassment...thanks for always being there, for taking time to listen to my problems, for everything... take care always and im always here for u... dont you forget that!

  2. @mymy, hehe, yup, i wont forget that either. hehe. we shared a lot already and you will always be my older sister. hehe.

    im still here for you too. and it wont change :-)

  3. bestfriends... awwww.. how sweet :) friends nga lang ba talaga yan!? LOL!

  4. A warm write in celebration of friendship.

    "One friend in a lifetime is much; two are many; three are hardly possible. Friendship needs a certain parallelism of life, a community of thought, a rivalry of aim." ~ Henry Adams

    You are blessed to have found your bestfriend, some could only wish for that in their lifetime.

    Mine left me (just when I needed our friendship most).

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  5. @geo, sweet talaga ako hehe. oo naman, friends lang.

    @jeques, thanks for the quote. matagal ko na pala natagpuan bespren ko hehehe.

  6. @tukayo, hehe oo nga e. tanda na namin magkaibigan hehe

  7. akala ko mag ppropose ka na eh! :p

  8. @benj, toinks, naghahanap pa nga ako e hehe

  9. Great tribute to friendship.You are a good story teller. I have a friend psychologist that could make an essay out of this ;-)

  10. @julio, thanks my friend. hehe i treasure friendships very much and i always remember even the smallest of details :-)

  11. O how I enjoyed this journey of your friendship. A great mix of fun and a few inner tears. It sounds so strong!

  12. Great to have someone close you can still share the best of your memeories with.


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