Thursday, October 11, 2007


Out of boredom, we (a group of Filipino expats) decided to take a splash in one of the famous beaches in South of Thailand – the Kohsamet Island. For two-days and one-night, we savored the saline air, felt the twang of the melancholic island and played with the bluish crystals. Some areas of it reminded me of Boracay.

Personally, the place is just okay. Maybe I expected too much and was quite disappointed. But still we were able to enjoy every moment of it. We stayed at Malibu Beach Resort. The accommodation was pretty decent but the food service was a bit frustrating.

And I always consider all escapades as photo opportunities; I wasted no time in abusing Nikki (my camera’s nick name). Anyway, here are some of the photos I took as I am not fond of talking lately, I’ll let the photos speak.

Visit the island if you have time but just lower down your expectations. Its still a better option to escape from city life.



  1. Whatever it was that made you think you're bored and frozen, must have melted and evaporated in the pristine air of this place by now. Look at all these outputs, just great! It relaxes me even by just viewing the slide show. Though I can still sadness-tinged title in your works like in "journey,""yearning,"and the picture near the end, "blue."

    The "edge" reminds me of my poetry series: "A Traveler's Soliloquy."

    One particularly picture struck me because of its title is "destiny" ~ the wilting orchids. Maybe because that's what I've been seeing here lately in Chicago, with the impending automn. Leaves and flowers are wilting. I used to think it is their destiny - and ours, too, as mortal beings. But looking at it in a more positive light, you can change the title:
    "accomplished" ~ so its purpose to charm and amuse during its blooming moments are not disregarded and forgotten.

    I used to have sketch of my totally-wrecked favorite pair of shoes(I don't know where to find that piece now, 'sob-sob!'), I remember writing this line in the bottom of that drawing:

    "Old-aged, withered, wasted...
    They can also mean ~ Accomplished."

    I wish you well. ~ Jeques

  2. ... some typographical error:

    I mean, "Though I can still sense some sadness-tinged titles in your work..."

    and "One particular picture struck me for its title, destiny..."

    I must be half asleep already while writing this. It's midnight and cold here.

    Thanks and I wish you well. ~ Jeques

  3. @jeques, thanks for the comments, actually i took these photos more than a month ago and that was before boredom hits me.

    glad to know that you like the pics and i guess thats a good suggestion for a title.

    well, i hope to break the spell this coming weekend as I was invited by my friends to go to bangkok for some photo exploration of the said place :-)

    halong pirmi

  4. Great! Enjoy your weekend then. As for me, I have to work long hours for my 4 day vacation next weekend. Some of my college friends from other states will be coming to Chicago for our get together in the midwest. It's exciting to reunite with people I haven't seen for years.

    Hopefully, I finally get the chance to buy a camera. I'm so busy I can't even find time for that long over due plan.

    I wish you well. ~ Jeques

  5. @jeques, thanks again. i guess it would be a fun trip. ehhe. i hope so.

    oh, you should buy a camera now. you have to capture the changing seasons there. (kunin mo na lang sa mga overtime mo ang pambili hehehe)


  6. I wish I could buy time, too.
    I don't know why I feel the speed of time here is seem double and overruns me. Or maybe because I grow up in a small town where a day has a 48-hour pace. I'm always running after time here, Or am I becoming too old in this fast-paced lifestyle.

    I wish you well. ~ Jeques

  7. john, ta-as na lang gid ya tu-od katam-an standard mo, hehe, i am enjoying the pics, they went out very well. i like especially the relaxing photo, that of the pine, and the sunset XXX (tatlo galumpat?). it's good you can go to such places near you, it's always nice to escape the busyness and stresses of city life, and it's really rewarding if there is a nature escape so near. you're lucky.

  8. @Jeques, dahan dahan lang. pahinga din minsan. hehe

    @Ms beth, mataas ba standards ko? hehe ok lang naman. ngayon ill be taking shots the way i used to take photos. no pressure para sadya hehe

  9. whoa pare! as usual your pictures are breathtaking. i can't wait to grop up. :( so i can go to places you go to!

  10. i mean, grow up! dang my typing skills suck at this time of day.

  11. @liz, salamat. hehe. pwedeng pwede ka namang gumala e. basta dala ka lagi ng camera kung san ka mapadpad :-) musta?

  12. okay lang. it's sem break, finally. just bumming around the house usually. ;)

  13. sem break nyo na? aga a. hehe. good luck sa shooting nyo :-)

  14. all pics in the slide show were from that island?'s all good...keep it up.

  15. @HAL05, yes, its all taken on the said island :-)


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