Friday, December 14, 2007


Not a video blog. These videos were uploaded by my friends while I'm under the influence of alcohol. I haven't seen these videos while they were still on their cameras, I only knew about them after they have sent the youtube links. I guess these will serve as reminders not to drink too much with cameras all around. LOL! Though I believe its understandable since I haven't reach the thirty-year old mark.

We usually play bowling every Friday to relax and throw away the pressures. Its often a competition between the oldies and the youngsters. Yes, we considered the age bracket each time we bowl. The game won't be complete without thai-produced beers. And the effect of alcohol was the reason of this shot.

Uploaded by aidash87

The other video was taken in our hotel. After bowling, we go to our hotel's cafeteria to harass the dancefloor and the microphones. LOL. Nevermind the dance steps I did, it was inspired from a show we saw in Bangkok. Haha!

Uploaded by davebone

I will stop drinking. LOL. Just kidding of course. Good times.



  1. kawawa nman tong entry na to, alang comment, nakakagulat naman, hihihi...bkit kaya...cguro ayaw ng mga friends mo na malasing ka...malaswa ata ang resulta, hahaha, jhoke...ok lng inom mai pero moderate lng...nakainom ka o hindi, u make people laugh pa rin nman e and happy by ur corny jokes, toink...peace mai...i love u kapatid...advance hapi bday...God bless...

  2. @mata, hehe oo nga. baka na shock sila sa videos hihihi. mukha ko palang nakakapangiti na ng tao hahaha. salamat po. new yrs resolution. bwal na ang camera bawat inuman hihi

  3. Advanced Happy Birthday Mai!
    I guess the real lesson you could get from these videos is to face the camera. I wouldn't have known it was you if I haven't noticed that signature shot and that familiar sleeveless shirt of yours.
    My respects for you my friend coz even under the influence of alcohol, you were still able to knock-off all the pins. But I may have to take back a little of that respect I just gave you after seeing the second video.
    I'm sure you'll get drunk again on your birthday, so do redeem yourself by showing your dancing prowess.

  4. @Ruel, thanks badz, touched naman ako sa sinabi mo hehe. uy, inspired kasi sa isang show ang dance steps ko hehehe.

    basta salamat. kita kits tau someday

  5. Totomai,

    It is cool to see you and your friends having such a good time. Excellent.


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