Monday, December 10, 2007


If I want to focus on portraiture, I have to explore the settings of my camera. I have to admit that its difficult but at the same time its fun. My new camera is barely four months old and its only last month I was able to take photos outside of portrait and auto modes.

One of my favorite model is Sayuri, the japanese doll i bought for my aunt. Since my aunt is staying with us, I can freely abuse Sayuri-san anytime and anywhere I want to. These photos are the result of my experimentation. Its amazing how she can look differently with each shot, of course, just my opinion.

By the way, the first half was taken by my point and shoot camera and the last half by my new one.

Anyone interested to be my model? Of course, if the price is right. LOL!



  1. Totomai,

    You're favorite model is in the limelight again with you in this interesting photoshot. Great angles! She's a chameleon, a lifeless supermodel, but there is something in her that seemed to have a life. Must be your way of finding the best angles.

    Are you back to Thailand?

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. @Jeques, 3 more days to go and Ill be back to thailand again. waaaaaaa.

    yes, she's my favorite model, despite having one expression, i am trying to make her unique with each shot hehe


  3. Just saw the slide show. Shot 7, brilliant!

  4. @TS, thanks.its one of my favorite shots of her. thanks for visiting


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