Friday, December 7, 2007


I am home. Its been a week already and I am really enjoying every minute of it. Unlike my previous vacation, 95% of my time is spent at home. I haven’t met my friends yet, I only go out to pay some bills, go to the doctor and to buy some personal things.

I got to eat steam crab every meal. No spicy food in front of me was a breather. My mother is a great cook and all the food she prepares is a hit to my taste and stomach. Namit. Actually, I am not afraid if I double my weight, its been a non-stop eating moment for me, from banana cue to ice candies, to puto to polvoron to chicken inasal to shrimps and of course, to pork whatever. Haha. And the list never ends.

Anyway, I wanted to renew my passport but the travel agents said that the old passport will be phased out and there’s a new barcoded one. Last time I inquire (6 months ago), it will only take 3-5 workings to have my passport renewed but the new one, requires a minimum of 15 working days. And I only have 10 working days as vacation and they require a personal appearance. Lol!

I also went to LTO to apply for a driver’s license. They said I have to apply for a student license first then after a month to non-prof license. After a couple of months, I can apply for an international driver’s license. Just in time when my contract expires. Haha!

I am also thinking of going to Iloilo to renew my PRC license. But I don’t think I will go there. Haha. Its too far and I better stay at home talking with my family.

What else? My father asked me to accompany him to a 3-cock derby last time but I am too lazy to go with him. This derby sometimes ends at 3 in the morning. I might be sleeping that time.

For the rest of the week, I usually spent my time at the roof. I don’t know, but my brother and I enjoy watching the sun sets. And I helped him in watering the euphorbias. Haha. We have pots on our roof.


And before I forget, I constantly complained to SmartBRO about the signal we are getting. Luckily, they were able to fix the problem before I make a separate blog about it. That’s the reason why I was able to make this entry. Hehe.

All in all, its good to be back home. Really good. And importantly, no work to think of.



  1. hooooyyy! andito ka sa Pinas?! wow. diin ka magkadto karon? :P

  2. @tukayo, dito lang ako sa bacolod. sarap dito e hehehe. musta?

  3. nice gid to be home! enjoy the food and time...

  4. @john, gani man nami gid ara sa balay. thanks.

  5. I'm turning deep green with envy!!! Hehehe! I would have done the same if I'm home. I would stay home all day and enjoy the time I missed about home, just home.

    Don't mention the foods, God it made me crave. You're so insensitive. Hehehe!

    As I've mentioned in my blog, my father's worsening condition(he has cancer) is threatening an untimely home-coming. I just hope and pray he recovers. He's in the hospital for more than a week now.

    Here's some few line from my poem for you. I shared this with you before, about coming home:

    We depart to arrive;
    We leave to come home.
    'Tis great to wake up in the morning.
    Especially when your home.

    I used to stay in our terrace and climb up the roof in the afternoon to watch the sunset. And at night, I would lie their with nieces watching the stars.

    I have one named after me.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  6. Welcome home! :) Kita kits sa Pattaya! YAY!

  7. @Jeques, so sorry to hear about your father. hope he is doin fine now. yes, i remember that poem. thanks

    @Benj, lol. pano tayo magkikita e fully booked ka lol

  8. abaw wala ka guid nagpabalo nagpuli ka n dire. hapit k anay dire sa manila hahhaa

  9. @dyemz, hehe balik na ako gani sa 16 sa thailand hihi


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