Saturday, January 5, 2008


As the sun sets last Dec 31, I thought, its time to make a new set of resolutions. After each Christmas vacation, our teacher would force us to make a list of unattainable resolutions, more resolutions mean more extra homeroom points --- that was for 10 long years.

Oftentimes, resolutions end up as mere writings. Here’s my list for the year and next year, I’ll check this entry again if I have religiously observed them. Or not at all. I decided to have ten, one for each finger. Haha!

a) No more camera accessories for me. I won’t be spending too much for this hobby. I’ll enjoy whatever I have right now – D80 with VR lens / tripod / extra battery charger. That’s it.


b) After hurting my eye and having a headache because of direct sun shots, I promised not to take similar shots anymore. It hurts the first time and I won’t risk my vision just because of, you know, photography. Haha!

c) Avoid Coke. Oops, perhaps just minimize my coca-cola intake. My doctor said to avoid softdrinks, but how can I resist an ice-cold Coke? With Pepsi, I can! LOL!

d) Time to hit the gym. I started saying this since college but I’m too lazy. This year, I, as well as my officemates, will enroll in a fitness center here. Let’s see.

e) Minimize time on the internet. But you can’t blame if I have nothing to do here in my room. This means, I shall sleep early before the clock strikes midnight. Haha!

f) No more alcohol. I must resist alcohol or I’ll be in other drunken videos again. No way!

g) Limit Thai massage session to only 1 per month. No need to explain. LOL!

h) Explore Thailand. This is a must before my contract ends as I don’t know whether I will be renewed or not. Fingers-crossed.

As of the meantime, that’s my priority list. Others to follow.

(some are too personal, haha, not for public knowledge, that's for i-j)

I hope 2008 will be a better year for me, my family and my friends (also, my work).



  1. Totomai,

    You seem not too serious about your own resolutions. But thats the spirit! Sometimes, we need to take things lightly to get the most from life. I don't usually write resolutions, I just make sure I'm ready when new things come. Change favors a prepared mind and open heart. So every beginning of the year I make sure I'm ready, like a clean slate welcoming new writings.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. @Jeques, lol, im not really serious with my life in the first place. haha. am i crazy? but i promise to be more serious especially im 30 already. but i have to follow this list. hehe

    thanks and happy new year again :-)

  3. Best of luck with that lot! We are 8 days into the new year - how many resolutions are still in place?

  4. @keith, yes, they are still intact. :-) im confident i can pull this one until next year. thanks

  5. I loved reading your resolutions. Enjoy Thailand and take care of your eyes - they are precious.

  6. @watermaid, thanks, yes, i have to take care of my eyes. i am very careful now...

  7. You better follow those! I never make any reolutions. So nothng to follow..:D

  8. Wow, those are solid good resolutions to keep and sure you can do several iterations over the next few years...:) Happy thirtieth b'day, hoping all your dreams come true :)

  9. @gautamy, yes, i will :-)

    @UL, i hope so. thanks for the bday greetings too :-)

  10. Some sound far too easy, some unattainable! Grin. A good mix!

  11. As you embark on this new decade of your may find the need to be more serious, or not...always keep happiness in your life. Great list.


  12. @tumblewords, thanks. i hope all of them are attainable. lol

    @penelope, yes, to give a smile on each one's face is my goal in life hehe thanks for the bday wishes

  13. joie de vivre comes through loud and clear....may all your dreams come true at you're hittin the big 30

  14. @little wing, thanks. i hope it will be a good decade for me :-)

  15. @JEn, yes, i do often take life lightly hehe

  16. :P

    Typical old-person resolutions. haha

  17. Hello Tomai! Happy New Year! It's been a while. Well, sounds like you're all set for the brand new year:). Good for you! As for me, my only goal this year and the years to come, is to keep my 45-mins. treadmill session everyday. That's all I'm asking myself to do. That should't be too hard, (I hope!). Byebye jiggle belly and rolls :) hehehehe, so far I've done great, and I feel great, lost 15 lbs for the last quarter of last year, (that was hard work), I just want to keep it up. So wish me luck too :)

    Best wishes Mai! Take care gid!

  18. @karis, thanks gid. good luck man sa imo a. hehehe. kayang kaya mo na.. niwang ka gid lang po. ako ang tambok ka tama hehe


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