Monday, January 14, 2008


It was his hair I noticed at first. Then an unsmiling face. He had a healthy hair as compared to my thinning one, hehe. My current workmate in Thailand introduced him to us as his former officemate. And while talking to him, I was surprised to know that he was also into photography. We had our point-and-shoot cameras then (mine is Casio Exilim and he had an Olympus). Photography had been the reason of our friendship. One time he thanked me about inspiring him of bringing back to existence his once forgotten passion. In return, I thanked him too for being the driving force to pursue this hobby on a higher level. Later, we found ourselves unsatisfied with the results of our P&S cameras anymore so we decided to buy a Nikon D80 DSLR. And our adventure begins.

People will think that we are two crazy guys (in full battle gears – camera / tripod / backpack) roaming around the city. We had tried photoshoots from sunrise to sundown, crashed temples, experimented with all the settings and angles, pretended to be locals and took candid shots of people and children bribing them with, hmm, candies. Haha! These activities made me realized he is not that serious after all.

By the way, his name is Carlos aka Caloy, now, one of my closest friends. Its his 30th (Jan 14) birthday today that’s why I’m forced to make this entry. Anyway, Caloy’s enthusiasm when it comes to photography is unmatched. He really tried to learn every details of the camera, an attitude which I envy as I hate opening the manuals. Of course, he had to explain it to me in a simpler way.

And before I forget, he loves posing in front of the camera. He is a willing model and volunteer provided the shots must be taken in side view. Here’s a slideshow of him in one of our informal photoshoots. (By the way, did we really have a formal shoot?)

Caloy, that’s all I can afford for your birthday! Have a great day my friend and thanks for the gift of friendship. (Pakasal na kayo ni Moshy mo hehe).

Happy Birthday and Halong Pirmi.



  1. "Its his 30th (Jan 14) birthday today that’s why I’m forced to make this entry."

    lol. ayaw na kitang maging friend. napipilitan ka lang mag-post para sa mga kaibigan mo. LOL. :P

    on a more serious note, sarap maging photographer no? kung marami lang akong pera, at kung hindi ako tatamad-tamad, isa rin yan sa magiging favorite hobby ko. baka makapag-exhibit pa ko ng mga photos na kinuhanan ko. hehe..

    (ito yung dinelete ko sa itaas... may itinama lang na spelling. haha!)

  2. @tukayo, haha, well, i cant find a more appealing word than forced. haha.

    yes, taking photos in one way or another can lessen stress. haha. im not yet a photographer, lol, a hobbyist i guess :-)

    thanks, musta na po

  3. hey happy birthday to your friend all people at writer's islamd

  4. friendship is indeed a wonderful treasure, greetings to your friend whose b'day I share :)

  5. @rambler. thanks. ill share it to him. or perhpas he will read the entry here hehe

    @UL, definitely. I treasure friendship very much. happy birthday to you too :-)

  6. Friendship is a treasure, a true treasure! Sounds like fun to share a hobby like photography!

  7. Happy Birthday to your friend. Indeed a treasure!

    BTW, you men are so obssessed with your toys!

    *don't beat me up, please*

  8. its always great to find a friend who shares one of your interests

  9. @tumblewords, yes, made my life here in thailand less boring

    @guatami, lol, its our addiction :-)

    @crafty, yes, made my life a bit interesting.

    thanks all, hope my friend read this blog. lol

  10. Isn't it fun to have a friend to go on photoshoots together? Like you, I'm not a fan of reading the manuals; to each his own. Happy birthday to your friend!

  11. @paris, so much indeed :-) thanks. i will.

  12. what a loving tribute to a wonderful friend.....

  13. Treasure come in many guises and a true friend loving you as a friend is just that...a treasure.

  14. @paisley, thanks. hope he will appreciate this too, lol

    @mary, mostly they are like angel in disguise

    @keith, definitely :-)

  15. what a beautiful gift and friendship...

  16. thanks besfren in Thailand sorry I'm late!Remember this "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend."
    By : Albert Camus. yan drama mode on again.san na yung gift mong macro lens?
    hihi... see you soon croc!mwah!!!

  17. @caloy, thanks bespren sa thailand. drama mode ka na naman a, ginawan ka na nga ng blog. hehe tagal naman ng gift mo dahil sa blog na to hehe


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