Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I see things. I can see not-so-normal things. When I was a kid I saw visions that most people, including my family, won’t believe. Though not as frequent as people might think, it usually happens when I least expect it. I can still remember some of these strange sightings and its up to you to believe them or not.


the lamp stops dancing
scent of dahlias fills the room
i am not alone

I used to collect religious photos when I was a child. My room is filled with pictures of Jesus, saints, angels and other sacred posters. My mother never failed to buy new pictures every week to add to my collection. One time, a sales personnel told her that she should stop buying these items as soon as possible or I will “die” and be in heaven at a young age. Superstitious as she was, my mother submitted to his “theory”. That particular day, I was playing in the street and when I looked up in the sky, I saw a tribe of birds circling around the skies and stitched the word J E S U S. Amazing, right? Maybe my eyes deceived me but I am pretty sure, I saw that clearly and I can still show you the exact location where it happened. Just go to Bacolod. LOL!

That was my first vision. As I grew up, I encountered more and more abnormal sightings. When we were playing hide-and-seek, I stared at the electric wire as I can hear unfamiliar voices. To my surprise, I saw little creatures, perhaps dwarves or elves, handing fruits to me. They were inviting, I must admit, but I wasn’t tempted to accept one. My cousins told me that they’ve been calling me but I am too busy looking up on beings they didn’t see. Actually these sightings occur once in a blue one.

One of the weirdest things I experience happened when I was in college. I peeped outside from our sari-sari store and saw my two female neighbors sweeping their respective backyards. Out of nowhere, I thought, maybe even uttered, that they are going to fight. As I turned to go inside, I heard them cursing each other and throwing whatever they can hold. I felt weird but maybe its just coincidence. Oh, well.

Couple of minutes later, I decided to take an afternoon nap. I walked up to my room and saw my grandmother sitting on her bed. Just by passing, I thought, she’s going to fall down. Few steps away, I heard my mother screamed for help to put back my grandma on the bed again. Two strikes in a matter of minutes. Whew!

As I said, these things don’t happen frequently so I don’t know when the next sighting will occur. When I was working in Pasig, I was stuck in traffic. Seated in the jeepney’s front seat, I saw a young guy riding a bicycle. I stared at him and I unconsciously whispered, an accident coming his way. As soon as he overtook our vehicle, I saw him flying, perhaps, his brakes wasn’t functioning. I may never know.

That’s all I can remember. Those mentioned incidents still give me chills. I hope it won’t be happening again any time soon.

Can I control it? I don’t know. Coincidence? Perhaps. A third-eye? I don’t think so. LOL!



  1. i started premonition and clairvoyance in random thoughts and dreams when i was 9 years old.

    uhhh .... siguro pareho tayo ng frequency? anong channel ka?

  2. @te anne, hehe, di ko alam kung anong channel e, pero next time pag nagkita tayo may topic na tayo hehe.

  3. totomai very interesting piece. I can see why it would give you the chills.

  4. @jadey, thanks. the memories still make my hair stand :-)

  5. Love the fragments of your images. Indeed, there is a special magical beauty in them.

    Smiles and Light

  6. My wife and I have had a number of experiences, too. It was such things that began an interest in the paranormal that has lasted me well over 20 years. It is a fascinating subject.

  7. woww...that sure must be scary..i can imagine...
    but it must be giving u a sense of power dosent it? i mean how cool is knowing what is goin to happen in the future...
    a lil eerie too i guess...
    anyways take care!
    it was nice reading...:)

  8. Such a gift should be cherished not feared. It should be used for the common good of fellow man.A really interesting read.

  9. I think everyone has a bit of clairvoyance, most just write it off as a coincidence. Blessings, Cricket

  10. seeing what others consider the unseen is awesome... some chat.. some pass w/o speaking ... others share... some take and leave.. others drop off baskets of visions opening our eyes to other beautiful places... it's all in the day of a life.. great read!!!

  11. Hello Totomai.
    Thanks for your posting and hva a good week.

  12. Totomai,

    It's indeed quite weird. But I think it's a gift given to one in a million, and you are one of them. It is scary to see premonitions, and the responsibilities that come along with it. Many people would not believe, but seeing things before it happen could be God's way to forewarn, that is why He gave you the gift.
    Like any gift, use it in positive ways - He will guide you.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  13. I enjoyed reading your post. I don't think it's unusual at all but it must be a tiny bit strange to deal with at times. I mostly have deja vu...saves me from anything but confusion! Nicely written descriptions!

  14. Oh totomai you must have a gift. That was very exciting to read. A man I work with sees lots of thins as well and I always hang at his lips.

  15. hey interesting..makes me wonder..

  16. Good you've kept your sense of humor. "There are more things on heaven and earth, Horatio..."

    I think the haiku is the best I've read of all your pieces.

  17. that is chilling... but i wish i could try it at least once sometime.....

  18. i do get the chills reading do you control the uncontrollable? Good luck, this was a lovely read. Thank you.

  19. Actually I believe you. I too can see and anticipate mny things. I have even saved myself nd my friends from many a pitfall. Once even death.

  20. totomai,

    this is quite similar to the experiences i have, except mine come in the form of dreams. many times i wake and the first words uttered out of my mouth reveals to me a certain truth....funny thing is that many times when this happens i don't recollect the dream yet the words come pouring forth and i heed for they are always on the mark. funny, my post for this week's writer's island is also along the same vein.

    enjoyed reading this...i feel we are kindred in spirits...


  21. Very interesting post -- and the haiku is captivating.

    I never experienced premonitions, at least, not to my knowledge... would seem fascinating.

    One intuitive ability I've had for more than 4 decades, is the ability to quite quickly and acutely 'sense' truly negative people. I've learned to trust this and it has served me well in life. I get a very 'dark void', alarmingly empty sensation when I am in their presence. It's as though the person whose physical manifestation I see is not the being inhabiting the shell. Hard to explain.

    I can't always read the grey ones, but I can read the black ones loud and clear -- even just observing them. Hearing them speak isn't always necessary -- but it will confirm my sense if I do hear their voice.

  22. Hello Islander –

    This is a note to tell you I’m genuinely happy to see you on the Island. I founded the Island originally as a temporary destination for those of us set adrift when Poetry Thursday sunk. But the Island has flourished… because of writers, like you, who come to enjoy the tropical breeze, and just write -- for the sheer pleasure of it! So, the beaches remain open, and all are most welcome!

    Poetry Thursday is now ReadWritePoem. Check them out if you haven’t. The crew at Totally Optional Prompts is doing a fine job. Both are excellent writing destinations.

    I am slowed a bit with back pain. This has hampered my time at my computer -- so, I have not been able to read much of your work. I will catch up when I’m steadier at the helm. I am dictating this to my wife, who will kindly post it for me. Kathy is a dear!

    See you on the island. I have a prompt for this Friday I think should spark some fun and interesting writing.

    May your muse be kind…


  23. thanks everyone. so far so good, i am not seeing things here in thailand hehe

  24. i find this really really interesting --- i've had a few "experiences" myself that were hard to explain but i find it all pretty fascinating!!!

  25. fascinating. and what an interesting read. you had me enthralled the whole time.

  26. the sight of something coming this way... great post!!

  27. Really enjoyed reading this!

    Yes! I am another one who has a form of premonition. But it comes more as an unexpcted feeling rather than a dream or vision. It is a little like what Rob posted about negative people. He feels their darkness. I too feel that same darkness and feel the process of an event waiting to happen.

    I have been able to do this since about the age of 5 when I felt that my aunt would pass away quietly. I was too young at the time to understand the meaning of leukemia.

  28. Please share it when you see numbers.. I will buy a lotto ticket... LOL

  29. hala open guid ang 3rd eye mo?


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