Thursday, February 7, 2008


Oh no its February, the dreaded love month, LOL. The world is once again carpeted with shades of red, not only because of the so-called celebration of love but as well as with the Chinese New Year festivities. Love and luck should go hand in hand in some cases, hmm, for people like me. Haha! Just kidding of course.

This month, I will be celebrating the season with my friends and officemates. I have no choice as I am very much single at this particular time. LOL! Oh, but it’s a working day so perhaps I better focus my attention to my job. Haha!

Of course, I’ve been in love. Until now, I still know the said feeling, its just I don’t know whom I am going to share it in the future. Cupid must be very busy scouting and matchmaking other people and he forgets to find one for me. Well, I take any left-over. Hehe.


Here’s how I summarized my feelings when I am in love. See, my heart doesn’t only feel, read on.

Senses of My Heart

sees the beauty beyond
twilights and dawns;
stares through the magic
of aurora borealis

hears the whispers
of waterfalls to the rivers;
listens to the duets
of midnight bats and owls

tastes the honeyed rain
and the syrupy wind;
savors the twang
of a melancholic ocean

smells the scent of clouds
and the musk of sandcastles;
inhales the aroma of the night
enchanting, refreshing

touches the skin of a volcano
warmth and longing;
feels the tremors of your heart
until it spews out my name

Happy Hearts’ Month Everyday!
(Can’t think of a better way to end this blog. Poor me!)



  1. happy hearts month to u too :D
    may cupid strike again!

    *smiles and wishes*

  2. thanks Pri. I hope cupid can find my match already lol

  3. Well put. It is something only expressed with emotions.

  4. Don't look hard. It will find you.


  5. Most enjoyable!

    Smiles and Light

  6. when i haven't found my gurl yet, i used to greet everyone else, especially the loveless individuals like me (then), for this month a happy single-awareness month! lol.

    hope you're good, tukayo :)

  7. I loved the second stanza, especially the bats and owls.

    Take time to love yourself this month; if you set the standard of what you deserve, you'll never settle for less than that from a relationship.

  8. @tukayo, haha, happy single awareness month na naman pala ako nito.

    @chicklegirl, yes i will.

    to all, thanks :-) happy v-day to all

  9. Great piece, I really enjoyed it. And from one single girl to a nother, single's not all bad, you know?

  10. Nice piece Totomai!

    Your poem succeed to express what's inside your heart, the words succeed to make your sentiments tangible to the mind's senses and made your voice heard through the lovely imagery they create in the mind.

    Keep on believing, fate will lead you to the place where the other half of your heart awaits.

    Been working long hours lately. 'Tis only now that I get the chance to read.

    Happy Valentines!

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques


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