Friday, February 15, 2008


I started blogging last year, March 2007 to be exact. But this entry is not about my site’s anniversary. I’ll make a separate entry on that next month. LOL!

Actually, I never thought someone would actually post a comment on my entries except for my friend who dared me to write one blog per week. I tried linking my entries at and in hope of receiving a comment from a stranger. After all I tried so hard in gathering my thoughts just to compose a decent entry. Haha, I know, poor me. At least, I tried and still trying.

Alas, someone did. Lateralus aka Benj of posted some comments on my works. Am I surprised? Not really, I just thought its cool to receive a message from one of the popular bloggers in your country. Yes, you read it right, him, as well as his site, is quite well-known in blogosphere (whatever they call it). Some of his entries are quite controversial, from politics, medicine, religion, sports, anything – name it, he have it.

One time, this entry, received ,more than 2 comments from other bloggers. That surprised me of course, only to find out that Benj wrote welcoming-of-sort entry for new bloggers like me. I guess he knew already how I appreciated his gesture. Well, if not, then I’m wrong. Haha.

Why I am writing this? Its because its his blogsite’s birthday, the new one that is as he has a different host before. By the way, I got the chance to meet him in Pattaya, Thailand as he was attending the World Debates Championship, obviously a competition for intellectually gifted. Hehe. And I was able to grant one of wishes – to have a photo session. It was really challenging to take his portrait shots because (a) its evening and I have been very dependent to natural light (b) I don’t have any gadgets such as external flash or lens for portraiture and (c) I am pressured to take good shots or else he will make an entry and proclaim I am a fake (I hope my shots are okay, hehe). Whew!

As I have no idea if I can post his pics on the net, I decided to choose this photo, its a bit mysterious just the same way the readers of his blogsite see him (yeah, just another assumption of mine). LOL!


Happy Birthday! It was nice meeting you, Benj.



any thoughts to distill?

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