Thursday, March 6, 2008



Ah, its my blogsary. Its been a year since my first entry.

How did this site come into existence? Well, I and my friend were in this so-called bumbhood (unemployed) stage when she dared me to do something productive. She told me to write an entry per week. It was a challenge on my part as I have been struggling with complete thoughts and essays. LOL!

For a year, I have been introduced to other blogsites that I never thought there are lots. Among them whom I frequently visit:

A Hundred A Day – this site had the same birthdate as mine. She is my friend and my inspiration on how to make a decent entry. She is also responsible in improving my poetry. I tell you, she is one helluva talented writer. Please read her entries, you’ll like it there.

Atheista – LOL! This site is already popular. I don’t have to post it here to add hits to his site. Benj was the one who introduced me to blogosphere via this entry. I got the chance to meet him in Pattaya, Thailand during one of his debating escapades.

Photography by JulioC – My sensei. I knew him through Flickr and had been my adviser in photography. If you want to see some wonderful photos, visit his site.

Jeques’ Webnook Stumbled a thread in Pinoyexchange about haikus. We communicated in the thread and if I remember correctly, I asked him to start his own blog site. Visit his site, he shares his masterpieces.

Our Beautiful World at the Backroads One of my favorite college professors. What surprises me is that she is into outdoors. She can be a tourist guide in San Diego. LOL!

03.03.03 stories – Tukayo! We have the same blog type, LOL, a personal one. I frequently visit his site as I can see myself in some of his writings.

Behind the Shrubbery – Liz is never afraid in speaking her mind. She had lots of stories to tell, events to share.

And I do visit some of the sites too. Kindly refer to the side bar. LOL!

Before I forget, I am about to share to each one of you my new site:

Filtered Precipitates – a collection of poems I wrote when I was young. LOL!

Thanks everyone for the comments, visits, links, suggestions and so on and so forth. Haha!

Happy Blogsary to Me!



  1. yay! double celebration pala ang inabot ng pag-uwi mo rito. hehe.. re: description mo sa blog ko, talaga? di ko alam yun ah!? akala ko magkapareho lang tayo sa inabot nating presyo ng softdrinks noong kabataan natin. hahaha!

    happy anniblogsary! tatlong araw lang pala ang pagitan ng mga blog birthdays natin. :D

  2. @tukayo, hehe, actually sa 9 pa dapat kaso byahe ko un pabalik ng thailand. oo medyo parehos kasi magkaedad tayo tapos magkapangalan pa. haha,parang ayaw mo yata e hehe

    happy blogsary din sa yo. :-)

  3. wow, pati blog anniversay, may celebration :). i am glad your creative thoughts never run out to write and to capture images. neway, thanks for the special mention john. read my new post on the harbor seals, i tried to deviate from the great outdoors theme of my blog. i attempted to be a children's book writer. khai told me i am crazy kuno, hehehe. anyway, happy anniversary again.

  4. @ms beth. hehe. sige a bisita ko sa imo. ari ko bi sa bacolod. sa thailand na ako guro makabasa hehe thanks gid

    @xio, thanks :D

  5. thanks dude! ^_^ happy anniv to you. haha, naaalala ko pa nung una kong napuntahan tong blog mo. tungkol yata sa bowling yung unang comment ko.

  6. Happy blogsary. I hope I live to see mine. LOL

  7. happy blogsary to both our blogs mai! ako naman ng uuwi sa pinas hehe sayang di tayo nagabot..ingat ingat!

  8. Totomai,

    Happy Blogsary!!!(that's a nice way to give the celebration a name)

    I'm glad to be part of your one year milestone in blogging. Thanks for mentioning my site, and for the compliments. True, you were instrumental in the creation of my web nook and I'm forever grateful to you for that.

    You must be in Thailand now? I wish yo success in your next carreer moves.

    May you contenue sharing with us your journey through your works.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  9. Really very nice, Tomotai. Thank you.

    War against the pedophilia!

  10. @liz, yup, yung sa bowling nga hehe. thanks

    @jong, hehe, hapi blogsary din. ano na next plan natin?

    @myrtle, im sure you will :-)

    @jeques, thanks too. im still in thailand. hehe

    @david, thanks :-)

  11. Hi totomai - your shot of the sunflower is very dramatic! ... really outstanding!

  12. Love your sun flower and your picture!!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Congratulations for your 1. Anniversary!!

  13. happy celebration to you and your perky flower of the day sandy

  14. lovely golden sunflower.

    my entry:

  15. Wonderful photo and congratulations on your first anniversary of your blog.


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