Friday, February 29, 2008


I’ll be going back to the Philippines this Saturday, just in time for my mother’s 70th birthday. I am thirty years old now and by doing simple math, you’ll see that she was 40 when she had me. That’s why I can’t stop her every time she treats me and my brother (yes, I still have a brother, 28) like 5-year-olds. LOL!

Taking a week’s off is not enough to show how much I love her. Sorry if the succeeding parts are cliché-filled. She is my inspiration and I really have high respect towards her. She taught me how to face the problems with a smile and its one of the traits I proudly possess. Words can’t really describe how much I value her. I guess it’s the same feeling a child feel for their mothers.

Every year, I keep on re-posting this poem I wrote for her. It’s my way of appreciating the things she had done to our family and at the same time a promise of my continuous love for her.



You were the hammock ---
when my world was moonless
until pastel-colored stars shone
on me. You swayed me against the threats
of seasons, never tired holding
the weave of love.

I hold onto the weave of love,
won’t be tired to sway you safely
against the threats of seasons.
As ashen stars crowd over you,
until your world be moonless ---
I am your hammock.

Happy Birthday Ma!

Don’t worry, I will always be your totomai.

Palangga ka namon!


If 2008 isn't a leap year, today is March 1 (my mama's bday), hehe


  1. ahay ah..gin pahibi mo man ko sini man....she's lucky to have you as her child and you're blessed to have her as your assured miski one week lang ina..deep in her heart she appreciate the thought na you are there for her no matter what..

    Happy Blessed Birthday to your Mom!

  2. safe trip! and advanced happy birthday to your mom. :)

  3. you are blessed to have each other....

  4. Lovely - Happy Birthday to your Mother and Happy Trip to you!

  5. @meow, thanks. trapohi na bi ang luha mo. hehe

    @tukayo, hehe, dito ako bacolod ngayon. we had a great time celebrating her bday. thanks

    @paisley, indeed :-)

    @tumblewords, thanks.

  6. Your poem is the perfect tribute and gift to your mother. May she feel the blessings of your company. Have a perfect trip!

  7. what an absolutely beautiful tribute to an apparently fabulous Mama!
    Being a mom, if my child were to write a poem for me I would totally be melted! ♥

  8. Totomai,

    Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Have a safe trip home and back and enjoy every moment of it. Oh I remember this "Hammock" poem. Well, you know what? I've found the copy of my "Hammock" poem during my last home-coming and I would be posting it soon in my web nook.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  9. Such a beautiful tribute.. she must be proud of you!!
    Happy birthday to her!!


  10. How stunningly rich and beautiful... bravo to you good child! You put a tear in my eyes... ;)

  11. thanks everyone guys. my mother is very happy i arrived on her bday. now it pains me to go back again to thailand and leave her again. im such a mama's boy


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