Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Is it time to panic?

I started the official countdown of my remaining days here in Thailand, 29 days to be exact.

The very moment that I received the email that my contract will not be renewed, I immediately thought of applying to other companies, preferably in European countries. I always dreamed of taking photos of landmarks that I only see in movies and books. Well, it’s not always about work. LOL!

Am I afraid being jobless, anytime soon? A bit. I told my officemate that I must get a job before my last day in Thailand. But she pointed out that I am pressuring myself too much that I won’t be able to enjoy my stay anymore. If there’s no job offer before that time, take a well-deserved break. I guess she’s right and my mother would love that idea.

Today, I received a job offer (sort-of) from a company within Asia. Am I happy with the offer? Yes. But did I confirm it already? Not yet, as I am still hoping and praying for another offer somewhere in Europe. Oh please, let it be next week before I make a decision. LOL!

For the meantime, I’ll just take it easy. Let the days overtake my professional path. I must not be in a hurry. I have to give enough time to savor the present moments. After all, I am still single.


At Day's End

Wave at twilight,
dip mud-caked feet in the creek;

walk towards the grass-thatched hut,
squat on the bamboo floor;

share the coconut wine,
fireflies waltzing around;

strum the guitar,
listen to the applause of rice grains;

say goodnight to the moon,
pink skies will arrive for the harvest.

I still believe that the world has lots to offer for me being a Process Design Engineer, if not, as a Photographer! LOL!

Everything is about timing. And sometimes, luck.



  1. Totomai,

    All the best that the world could offer!

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. @jeques, salamat Jeques. hehe. sana magkawork na ako.. ops, well, ill just wait hehe

  3. hmm... why not grab the job opportunity in *that* Asian somewhere then make an AWOL if you get the job offer in Europe somewhere. lol. i'm not helping you, am i? hehe... relax ka muna. bakit ayaw mo dito sa Pinas? ay oo hwag na. baka si Noli de Castro na ang susunod na presidente eh, aalis na rin ako. lolololol.

  4. Totomai,

    Looks like we'll be seeing each other in the "bum club"...Enjoy na lang ang bakasyon sa Bacolod. Good luck!


  5. @tukayo, nah, i guess ill just patiently wait hehe hirap na baka makagat ko na naman siko ko hehe. haha, mahal na nga daw bigas diyan e hehe

    @cris, hehe, welcome to bumhood na naman ba tayo? :D

  6. “I must not be in a hurry”? tlg? hahaha...kakagulat, nagtetext na pala ang company ngaun, hahaha, jok mai...relax ka lng, darating din yan...ikaw pa, hehe

  7. thanks mata, di halata na busy ka ano? haha

  8. first off... very fancy new lay out!!!!

    take your time,, relax enjoy,, who knows how long it will be till you have a moment with no employment obligation... go see your mother....

  9. Good luck on getting a job and take it easy and enjoy a break.

  10. @paisley, yes, it takes a lot doing trial and error to get the lay out that i really want. thanks, i guess i will take the moment to rest

    @jadey, fingers-crossed. thanks

  11. All the best to you! Sometimes when we quit pushing, the best things come! I like your new page!

  12. @tumblewords.. sometimes im pretending that im not in panic-mode hehe :-) thanks


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