Sunday, April 27, 2008


Each photographer wants to specialize on particular subjects, editing styles and the likes. I enjoy taking portrait shots lately as long as there’s an available light source, yes, I hate to use the flash. LOL! Discovering the details of objects through macro lens is always fascinating, serendipity-like. Landscape as a subject is what I am not that interested in except during sunrise or sundown. I can’t really point out the reason why but I just don’t have the drive to take landscape shots. I still try though. I am not a post-processing addict, I wanted my pictures to stay as they are. I absolutely abandon even the cropping or auto-correcting of my photos. Let the captured photos stay as they are, but of course, it’s just me. Actually, I like one post-processing technique, Orton, it makes the photos of dreamlike quality. But I haven’t done one with the images I took from Nikon D80. Either I am too lazy to try one or I am completely satisfied with them, LOL! Taking photos of flowers is also challenging. I mean, lots of photos of different kind of flowers had been posted on the internet and one should try taking a different angle or perspective of one of the most overused subjects to make it visually appealing and interesting. Another subject I found satisfying, is candid shots. Some may be offended or caught-off handed that's why I always see to it that I can still escape if the subject decides to hit me. LOL!

I enjoy taking candid or street snap shots but sometimes I am not comfortable in taking photos facing them. I don’t know, I thought about their privacy or something. Haha! This feeling leads me to my favorite photography subject – From Behind. I know, it may be like a simple shot taken from the behind of the subject but later I realized, even this kind of shot tells a story.

Examples of my from behind shots.

I will continue to take shots like these unless my interest is diverted once again to another subject. And everyone looks good if taken from behind, right? LOL!



  1. Totomai,

    From behind. That's interesting. Yeah, and I think it serves that thought of leaving something for the mind. Shots from behind give some mystery to the photographs and keeps that anonymity of the subject.

    Keep on capturing great photographs.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. It's much more dramatic that way. Great shots

    Or green, depending on who's thinking

    My .02

  3. @Jeques, yes, i found this subject interesting. hehe it had something mysterious..

    @Greg, lol, it can green to others indeed. thanks

  4. I like this entry. Been wanting to pursue photography as a hobby. Have joined a few workshops bout it. But unfortuately, I don't have a camera.

  5. @gillboard, actually you can start with point and shoot camera, believe me, its a relaxing hobby :-)

  6. brillant way of looking at things.

  7. People can get very camera conscious, so sometimes better results are produced from alternative perspectives.

  8. Love your comments and your pics. I always worry about taking people's pics (in case they are uncomfortable/awkward about it)and so favour either a distant, dark shape or, as you have discovered, the behind shot.

    Great post!

  9. I also love behind shots - I've got hundreds! If you have a moment I'd love you to look at four I posted last week. A click on my name should take you directly there.

    I really enjoyed your piece and your pictures.

  10. Hey there Totomai,

    I too love to take photos. I love that you respect peoples privacy and don't like to get right in their faces with the camera lol. I also agree I do not edit any of my pics either with the exception of red eye reduction and I don't crop unless wherever I am putting the photo needs to be smaller. Great piece and have fun taking your pics. Ever get bored come to my blog and I have pics up of flowers and some of the beach if you go back a few pages I have some very cool shots of flowers up well atleast I think there cool.


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