Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Sabong is the Filipino term for cockfight. And in our dialect, its bulang.

From Wikipedia,

A cockfight is a blood sport between two specially bred roosters held in a ring called a cockpit.

The combatants, known as gamecocks or cocks, are specially bred birds, conditioned for increased stamina and strength. The comb and wattle are cut off in order to meet show standards of the American Gamefowl Society and the Old English Game Club and to prevent freezing in colder climates. Cocks possess congenital aggression toward all males of the same species. Cocks are given the best of care until near the age of two years old. They are conditioned, much like professional athletes prior to events or shows. Wagers are often made on the outcome of the match. While not all fights are to the death, they may result in the death of both birds. Cockfighting was at one time considered to be an accepted, traditional sporting event in the United States. In many other areas around the world, cockfighting is still practiced as a mainstream event and is viewed as the national sport in some countries where it is Government controlled and a large amount of revenue for the state is raised.

This coming Friday, my father and brother are planning to enter small a derby, a 4-cock derby in time for our baranggay’s fiesta celebration. Of course, I know it since I’ll be the money-ger. LOL! I can still recall the times when our place was filled with wooden compartments and cages, scattered chicken feeds, injections, vitamins and gloves. Oh wait, our place is still filled with them.

One time, our neighbor asked us to sell his broomsticks around the city in exchange for two chicks. We immediately said yes. But selling those sticks posed a problem. We ended up hungry and tired that we spent all the money in a sari-sari store and return with nothing. We were young then. He got mad, of course.

There was never a year that we are rooster-less. Feeding them is not always easy. They have mood swings too. Haha! My father is very particular with them but my brother is planning something other than joining cockfights. He told me, a few days ago, that he will start a business of breeding fighting cocks together with my cousin-in-law and a friend of him. I told him, that’s a good idea and I hope that it will be a successful venture. Then he blurted out, don’t forget to give me a capital to start the business. What? LOL!

I enjoy participating in derbies too. But I would enjoy more if I will get the pot money. Hehe. As I said, this Friday, all of their entries will be my brother’s own roosters. My father will be there to give him moral support. This tournament can really test you, imagine staying from 12 noon to 3 am. Got to bring packed lunch, dinner and midnight snack. Haha.

Goodluck ‘Pa and Dorb. Don’t forget to send me back the money if you grab the championship .

Sabong is an art. An art of spending money. LOL!



  1. This is a very interesting take on the post of ferocious totomai. I am not one who supports cockfights or any animal in a situation like that. I do understand that it is acceptable in some places.

  2. Fortunately it is illegal in the UK

  3. Interesting post!

    However, Like Jadey and Keith, I do not support cockfights!

    dog and (wo)man

  4. I agree with all the previous posts. This is certainly a ferocious, cruel sport I believe.

    But I feel your take on the prompt is most interesting!


  5. For or against, cocks will fight with or without us turning it into a sport.

  6. i think you will find most whites,, be they americans or brits or aussies will be violently opposed to the fighting of animals of any kind...

    of course we have to be,, we are "superior", and "much more civilized" you see,, than our black or latino or oriental counterparts... even tho we make a claim to racial unification,, and diversity,, we still have to maintain "a higher set of standards",, as surely,, "everyone should be as "dignified, and civilized" as we are....

    in its stead,, we entertain ourselves with serial killers, high school massacres, and wars,, when we can get a good one....

    but i say if it is acceptable in your culture and it gives you pleasure,, even if it isn't making you any money!!!! let the games begin!!!!

    very interesting post on the topic!!!!

  7. I sense your passion in this sport. Like your reflection on your early sales experience of the broomsticks.

  8. I have finally dropped by to read your entries.

    Sabong... Bulang... Cockfighting.

    That has been part of the Ilonggo culture...

    I agree with you. It is an art... to spend one's money.


  9. @CSMeekai - hehe, ti san-o ta mabulang? hehe

  10. when i was living in the hawaiian islands years ago, there was a large filipino population in my neighborhood... lots and lots of roosters at all hours of the night... never forgot that... and then on the farm, i thought they were rather aggressive creatures and they were only interested in messing with the chicks... ha-ha.. as long as we stayed away, he was ok...


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