Sunday, April 6, 2008


I hate goodbyes.

Last week, the company decided not to renew my contract. It means that I must finish everything before May 19. Upon reading the email, I had mixed feelings. I mean, I can now freely apply to other company but at the same time I feel sad thinking I’ll be leaving my officemates. I am fond of them. Yes, they are native Thais and they have been very helpful, friendly and accommodating, not only to me but as well as to the other expats. Well, that’s the price I must pay of being an expat – bound by well-defined contracts.

I will be making a separate entry about some of my memories and experiences here.

Talking about goodbye, my friend, my best photography buddy left Thailand already for another job opportunity. I wish him the best and hope that he will never cease to keep on clicking, oh the power of clicking!




the lens panics
bees demand for privacy
sunflowers beam shyly


grasses pave way
the wind whispers
to a silent stream


sparkles in the sky
a vast mirror
rainbow-like spectra


a wicked sound
freezes time


Got to make this one short. I have to prepare my resume and search for some job openings. LOL!



  1. Hi totomai,

    good luck with your new job, whatever you find!

    GABI from Japan

    too old for looking for a new job now ... grin ...


  2. ok lang yan...dami pa naman work dyan at dami ka ulit ma mi meet na new officemates...goodluck! exchange links naman po tau at dalaw k naman po s blog ko minsan..thank u..

  3. as Jose Mari Chan says:

    we're on the road
    we move from place to place,
    and oftentimes when i'm
    about to call it HOME,
    we had to move along...
    life is a constant change...

    hayy.. buhay nga naman, ano? minsan nakakatakot sumabak sa isang bagong bagay dahil nakasanayan mo na ang mga dati. pero kailangan eh. walang ibang choice.

  4. @gabi, arigatou. i hope i can find one. time is running out for me. lol

    @dra rio, sige daan ako minsan sa blog mo hehe

    @tukayo, hehe, pinapatugtog ko pa yan hanggang ngayon hehe. salamat. oo kelangan talaga hehe panibagong adjustment na naman

  5. Good luck with getting a new job and this was yet another wonderful post.

  6. I wish you the best for a new job!

    children's day out

  7. Good luck! I really enjoyed the photo and poem!

  8. Wishing you much success in your job search..I'm sure that a door will open for you.
    Beautiful poem at the end of your story..sigh!

  9. Certainly wishing you well in your search for a new job.
    Your poetry is quite good - I really enjoyed it!

    My flower post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

  10. beautiful post, good luck to your next job..

  11. Your photo is wonderful. Gorgeous. Cheerful. Thanks.

  12. Sad but exciting, I do hope you find something suitable or branch out on your own. Trust in the way forward, a door will open.

  13. lovely yellow dainty flowers.

    my entry


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