Friday, May 30, 2008


It’s always good to witness how a relationship blossom especially, in one way or another, you played a part on it. These two friends of mine had stand against the test of times too many times and they kept on and will continue to disturb me if they have misunderstandings or the likes. Being a big brother of sort is quite tough. LOL!

Anyway, in due time, they will exchange vows in the altar. When and where, I’ll pass that responsibility to them to announce. Hmm, is there a definite date already my friends?

As a simple gift, I subjected them to a photoshoot we labeled as pre-pre-pre-nup! LOL! Of course, I told them not to expect much since this will be my first try on this kind of photography. One more condition, I stressed out to them that I won’t be editing any of the photos. Yes, I know, editing could enhance the final output of the photos but I am too lazy to post-process them and I am fine and contented with the actual results. Whether they like them or not! Haha!

We shot in Sattahip, Thailand, one in Nong Nooch Garden and the other one in Silverlake. Both locations are open spaces so the availability of natural light was never a problem. (I hate using the flash). I never imagined that being a wedding photographer (kind of) was physically demanding and tiring. But overall, I enjoyed the activity.

I guess I took more or less 500 photos. Here are some them, straight from the camera.

To my wonderful friends, Ai and Dash, please remember that this is already my gift to the both of you. I have given you the electronic copies right? LOL! Just choose what you like and you can print them of course! Haha!

I will be waiting for your formal announcement. Best wishes and good luck to both of you!



  1. weee...tenk u tenk u tenk u mai...basta, dapat andun ka a, kahit nasa switzerland ka pa, u kapatid...muah!!

  2. @mata, haha. kung may libre air ticket at hotel accomodation sa marco polo wala blema... kaya nyo ba? haha

  3. o cge, ok na samin ang overseas call, hahaha

  4. Excellent post, Tomotai, excellent!
    Happy weekend

  5. Oh your pics of the happy future husband and wife team were beautiful. Very nice.

  6. @david and jadey, thanks. im just trying to capture the moments of my friends :-)

  7. Great photo's. Your gift is a true gift.

  8. Great post,great pics. All the best to the bride and groom.
    Cheers, David Mascellani

  9. Thanks Stan for the kind words :-)

    @David, yes, best of luck to both of them. Thanks

  10. ganda! kami rin, manager! :)

  11. Marvellous pics there. And best wishes to the couple.

  12. These pics are just so sweet. Their love really glows! So beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing!


  13. 6 and 14 were my favorites. Very artistic. Wonderful pictures!

  14. @tukayo, kelan ba? hehe oo ba, sagot mo accomodation hehe

    @anthony, thanks. i bet they will read this.

    @gemma, yes, their love glows indeed

    @constance, thanks

  15. These are awesome! Congrats to the happy couple!

  16. wonderful photos... you have caught the happiness that is shared between the two... wishing your two friends the best future they could possibly have

  17. @texasblu, yes, best wishes to them :-)

    @OMB, i bet they're gonna read this. thanks :-)

  18. What a wonderful idea for gift - pre - pre- pre- bup pics.
    I will be suggesting to friends here.
    You have an imaginative eye.

  19. @frances, thanks. hehe yes, pre pre pre nup. LOL!

  20. heheh ngayon ko lang nakita to mai, sensya na sa sobrang bilis ng dial up ko sa russia, ubos na load ko la pa akong nakikitang pix, heheh,

    grabe mai, napagwapo mo ung guy, tsk tsk tsk,, you are the plastic surgeon, via photography heheh, galing!

  21. partida pa yan. haha walang edit :-) pogi talaga yung guy na yun

  22. Totamai,

    These are beautiful images! What a great gift to your friends.

    No need to edit, tahum na nga daan.



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