Saturday, May 24, 2008


I’m finally home.

Of course, I am happy to be back home but a part of me is still hoping for an assurance of a new job. As of the meantime, I am an unemployed individual. LOL!

While working in Thailand, I conditioned my mind to spare enough money for the renovation of our kitchen. I knew that re-constructing our kitchen would require a bit of money, since it was like an extended dirty kitchen before. Haha! Everyone in our family, especially my mother loves to cook and it is one of the many reasons why I wanted to have a presentable one. I got the chance to meet Gail, younger sister of my college friend, and asked her if she could do some beautification miracles of that ugly spot in our house. She presented her idea and I agreed with most of it. I suggested bits of tweaking though.

As soon as I arrive home, I went directly to the kitchen and I am more than impressed. My family is delighted with the outcome too. Thanks Gail. More pics of the kitchen here.


This is my gift to my mother last Mother’s Day, my Kitchen Señora (reposting the poem below).

Kitchen Señora

In her backyard, gumamelas whisper
to each other as she mantles cold banana
leaves on the wooden table,
guarded by two acacia trees.

The bermuda grass curses
her careless steps --- dashing back and forth.
Like a sprint queen, she carries edible torches
and lays them on the platform.

The black-sauced pasta
and bronzed turkey, baklava cake
and chrysanthemum salads she prepares,
festoon the old lamesa

The approach of familiar voices signals,
she hand-strikes her hair, quickly wipes
her sweat and positions near the door,
Welcome, my dear children
another family reunion looms

As long as I have the strength to work abroad, I will continue to make necessary improvements to the place we call home. My sweats in Japan had fixed our bathroom and comfort room. My blood in Thailand had made-up our kitchen. Wherever my next destination be, the living room will be the next focus.

See, I am a good son after all. LOL! Oh please, so give me a job quick!



  1. Do you feel disoriented being back home after the time away? Kitchen would be my first choice of places to fix up too. So much goes on there! Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Constance, not quite :-) just my way of saying thanks to my mom. and i dont know how to cook, lol

  3. Welcome back! Pati ba kitchen appliances, ikaw din mag-proprovide? Looks like you saved lots of money in Thailand! :D

  4. @alvin, malamang, hehe sagot ko pa din kaya sana makawork na hehehe. wala ngang pera haha!

  5. Oh my God. I thought I was sweet already and that my mother's day gift for my mom and grandma was already the bomb (I treated both of them to an expensive lunch buffet at Hotel Intercon). But you take the cake! You wrote her a poem *and* you paid for the renovation of your kitchen?? You're a great son indeed. :)

    ps, thanks for dropping by my site :D

  6. Sweet gid ya cmu John ya...The kitchen is so nice. When mko i-invite sa house nyo?hehe
    Tita is really blessed to have you John. Ive never known you as a sweet and loving person but now I'm really happy that I'm beginning to see the real you. I'm really amazed seeing the other side of Eng'r Johnny Cesar Martinez.

  7. @estelle, LOL, what you did was sweet too, at least you had your grandmom to celebrate the occassion :-)

    @benj, kaya sa darating na election, wag kalimutan iboto si totomai, LOL!

    @gisele, when ka maluto haw? anyway, dugay na kilalahay wala mo gid nakita nga sweet ko???? baw, ginbutang pa gid ang whole name ko ba, wrong spelling pa haha

  8. Aw sus ah,wrong spelling gli,hehehe. Abi ko amo na ang spelling ka Cesar,hahahaha.sensya lng gid ah...

  9. Totomai,

    You are slowly sculpting your home and the result would always remind you of the memories that shaped those corners. Congratulations in your achievement! Love makes a house a home, it is.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  10. Ok, I just noticed the darkly-stained wooden cabinets. LOL. Those are really nice.

  11. Excellent work, Totomai, excellent!
    Have a nice day

  12. @Jeques, yes, its my continuous gift to her and our family. thats why i am working doubly hard.

    @benj, lol, they're nice indeed :-)

    @david, thanks


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