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The songs of Air Supply, in my opinion, are timeless classics. They will resonate from generations to generations. Most of their songs maybe revived by other artists but the purity and sincerity of Russell Hitchcock’s and Graham Russell’s voices are irreplaceable.

I just came back from Thailand and the moment I saw a poster their concert, I thought of my brother who also grew up listening to Air Supply. I asked him if he is interested in watching the concert and without ado, he said yes. Off we go one of the malls in Bacolod City, and inquired about the availability of the tickets. We purchased our tickets and got a good location, 5th row from the stage.

Come June 18, 2008 at the University of St. La Salle Coliseum, wow, its been ages that I’ve visited my Alma Mater. I and my brother arrived at the venue 1930H since the ticket had 2000H, the bleachers area and lower A were already occupied but the titanium area (P4200) was still much of a free space. At 2100H, the show started (I kept on thinking, maybe they had the Thailand time stamped on the ticket, hehe) and I didn’t expect that Our Father will start the concert, followed by the National Anthem and two more songs that I can’t actually remember. I’m still holding my camera as I plan to take loads of photos (earlier, an usher advised me that camera is allowed as long as the flash won’t be used).

Anyway, the show began with Russell belting out Sweet Dreams. Graham was on the opposite of the stage playing with his guitar like there’s no tomorrow. The duo segued to Young Love to the delight of the crowd. A faster arrangement of Even The Nights Are Better was a treat. Personally, I liked this one. The next one was Just As I Am and an upbeat that I can’t remember the title. Their crystal clear voices filled the coliseum. It was such a lovely evening.

They started the second part with Here I Am followed by Chances and one of their popular songs in the 90’s Goodbye. They said that their last stop in the Philippines is Bacolod and they will be leaving the country tomorrow (June 19). The audience sang their hearts out, and I am hoping that I am going to say goodbye to bumhood too! LOL! After which they sang a relatively newer song, Faith in Love, and then Power of Love, which I thought was a Laura Branigan classic. (Yeah, my musical knowledge is poor, I know).

Russell left Graham on stage for a tea break. And Graham started talking about a new song that he will be sing, Man on the river. It had an acoustic feel that I really liked. A potential hit from them I guess. As Graham hit the last note, Russell joined him on stage and they talked on how they started as a band and the next song that they will play was one of the first songs they performed. They said no one really cared about their music before, and I never expected that I Want To Give It All was their anthem before. Its my favorite Air Supply song. Such a beautiful and moving performance, both of them sitting on the stool with Graham strumming the guitar. My favorite part of the concert.

Then they asked the audience if its true that Filipinos have a passion in singing, and the crowd roared YES! LOL! They performed Two Less Lonely People In The World with everyone joining them. Russell then sang Without You. The two went down from the stage and moved around the coliseum that sent the audience, especially on the upper area, in ecstasy. It was very apt as they performed their hit song, The One That You Love. The audience continued singing and I think Air Supply absolutely loved it. Lost in Love and Every Woman In The World were hits to the audience too. They also highlighted their band, Jonni on bass, Jed on keyboards and Mike on drums. Funny but they have resemblances to American Idol contestants.

Their last song was Making Love Out Of Nothing At All. Before the song, they requested everyone to go near the stage as they want to be more intimate. Of course, the people gave in to their request, including me LOL! After the song, they immediately left the stage, and of course, the everyone chanted MORE! MORE! MORE! And they returned back on stage. LOL! Its scripted but hey, it still lots of fun!

Their real last song was All Out Of Love, and from the first note of the song, the crowd went wild. Perhaps, its their most popular song. Now I know. They kept on saying thank you to the everyone for coming. If given the chance, they will still go back to the Philippines.

The concert was a bonding moment of sort between me and my brother. We like music but, well, music doesn’t like us. I was busy snapping photos and my brother recorded some clips. I took 430 photos and the 400 can be deleted. LOL! Photos here. The concert was great though I wished they have performed some of their old hits. It’s understandable if they will increase the number of songs, they will run out of air supply. Haha!

They may not have a new recorded material, but I guess, their songs, classic love songs, are enough to draw fans and followers to their next gig. Timeless.

Thank you Air Supply for the songs. Now, I sound like a fan. LOL!



  1. My sister and I had a bonding time at a Linda Ronstadt concert 20 years ago. Air Supply is great. For some reason, I remember riding in a van to a baseball game and singing Making Love Out of Nothing At All when it came on the radio. Music can bring back some interesting memories.

  2. @maisie, oh yes, music can definitely bring back memories. its a powerful bridge.

  3. Air Supply is definitely one of my all time favourite groups. I think they have proved they are timeless!

    As I read your comments, I felt myself automatically connecting with the songs and places where I remember hearing them played.

    Music is definitely a signposting for memories.

  4. i like their songs too... pag narinig mo sila parang walang problema sa mundo. ganun ka-lamig ang music nila sa pandinig ko. hehehe... i saw them guesting on wowowee before (yata) they held the concert there. :)

  5. @Gemma, I think they are quite big there in Australia, right?

    @tukayo, hehe, wowowee nga, pero wasnt able to see them. kagabi lang. hehehe. kanta din ako. LOL!

  6. Gosh, I've always loved Air Supply, even though my friends laughed at me because they think the songs are "saccharine sweet", too mushy for words. But me, I LURVE them. You're so lucky to have gone for the concert!

  7. @shammi, yes, i love their 'saccharine sweet' songs too. LOL!

  8. Totomai,

    You seem to be enjoying your stay and seizing the moment just the way you should be. I've always been a music lover and air supply songs are some of my favorites to listen before going to bed back in the Philippines. I like their easy to listen way of singing that calms and soothe the senses. Music is in their hearts and it shows everytime they sing a note.

    Enjoy your stay.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  9. Thank you for reminding me about Air Supply! I'd forgotten all about them.

  10. @Jeques, yes, I am enjoying my time here. Some of their songs put in me to sleep though hehe

    @keith, glad to remind you :-)

  11. la sallian ka pala ~~ socie ~~
    everytime i hear sounds of air supply ~~ memories of high school days flash backs ~~ and made me want to rewind times of my life

  12. amazing how music can be so powerful in our memories... great photos too all 30 of em...

  13. @te, oo, hehe, la sallian ako. parang naisip ko din na matanda na pala ako hehe

    @OMB, thanks. music is a universal language, that's why


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