Friday, June 27, 2008


Happy Monthsary, Bumhood!

One month had passed, and I am still unemployed. But I’ve been busy! LOL! I think so. Anyway, please bear with this very interesting post – a list of what I did for the past 30 days. Haha. I don’t have any good topic to write about, hence, this entry.


As soon as I arrived home, I wasted no time in seeing an ophthalmologist to have my eye checked. Four days before leaving Thailand, a tennis ball hit my right eye. The doctor informed me that I have some minor retinal breakage and advised to undergo laser surgery. It costs P18000. I told him, I hope it can wait until next year, just in time I have a new job. LOL!

I watched attentively the second week of the French Open and been rooting for Roger Federer to clinch the title. But unfortunately, I witnessed how Rafael Nadal massacred him on court and took the crown.

On other sports, I am glad to see Boston Celtics taking the NBA Championship crown. All of my family was rooting for Los Angeles Lakers. LOL!

The Wimbledon Championships had started and there are lots of upset already. Still, I am rooting for Federer to take his 6th title in the New England Club.

Last June 18, I and my brother watched the concert of Air Supply. It was our bonding moment. We really enjoyed the show. Of course, we should as we bought the most expensive ticket. LOL! Blogged.

I joined a photography club here in Negros. The group is pretty organized and I admired the dedication of the members. I participated in one of the photo contests here, and as usual, I lost! Haha. Well, its not really about winning, its about expressing your passion through your lens. That’s the reason I will be joining another photo contest again this coming Saturday. And its my first time to witness the Mudpack Festival in Mambukal, one of the provinces in Negros Occidental. Hope the weather will cooperate.

I withdrew one of my applications due to a very personal reason. The contract only needed my signature but I declined. Moving on. LOL! Oh and talking about moving on, I would like to say good luck to my friend C and his family for a new life awaiting them in The Netherlands. Take care. Also, I am wishing my other friend J for a more exciting life in South Korea. And I am very happy for my friend C who finally got the chance to meet her girlfriend C in Italy after two years. Wow! Cheers to all of you!

I am enjoying everything I did here. Waking up at 6 am to go to the market and buy meat, fish or vegetable is quite exciting. LOL! But I can’t forget one instance where I accidentally left my celfone inside the cab. Luckily I was able to feel my shorts and my senses immediately alerted me about the missing gadget. With all the grocery bags on my hand, I sprinted like a track and field champion until I finally got the attention of the taxi driver. LOL!

I got the chance to listen to three great music releases, Alanis’ Flavors of Entanglement, Journey’s Revelation and Coldplay’s Viva La Vida or Death and All of His Friends. These three albums are constantly playing on my i-pod.

I think I am talking non-sense already. LOL! That’s what bumhood can do, and it will be ending soon. Fingers-crossed.



  1. On the contrary, you've been very busy :P I hope you won't lose that other eye. Take care of the pair, will you? Hehe

  2. wow. that's so sweet of you. hehe. dont worry, i will take good care of my eyes. i will. thanks :-)

  3. Hope your other eye gets better John. Enjoy bumhood, especially that it will not last, they always turn out to be the best time in our lives where we are more free to do what interests us the most, see, you've been too busy because of your interests. Once you get a job, it will be again different. I have been a bum already for 15 days John and the next 2 months, first FREE SUMMER, hehehe, and mind you, it is when I do not have to teach summer classes at all that my mind does not work creatively to write anything, my mind hibernates also. I just came home from Sierra trip, yet, everytime, I think about beach, where to hike, museums, theater plays, concerts, etc. Enjoying time of my life. So, cheers to you John, for we are both bums these days, but we know, these beautiful bum days unfortunately will not last :(, for we have to go back to earn our living again, hehehe.

  4. @ms beth, hehe, it will be healed, ms beth. it has to. hehe. yes, actually im enjoying bumhood until this week. hehe im off somewhere. its nice to know that you are having a time off too, maybe this time, makabuo na kamo hehehe. good luck din ms beth and thanks..


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