Friday, July 4, 2008


After more than a month dealing with bumhood, I’ll be finally bidding it farewell this Saturday. A new phase of my professional life will commence. Actually, its not that new, a sort of continuation. I will be back to the country that I loved, from its culture and sceneries and to the company that honed my designing skills. Of course, I am nervous and don’t know what to expect on my first day but I hope everything will turn out fine. Just the way I imagine. LOL!

Aside from the challenges that await me in my working area, I am pretty pumped up in fantasizing how I can abuse my camera this time around. The changing seasons, the traditional and modern Japanese women, the temples – and the list will never end. I already had a photoshoot invitation this 13th. Would you believe that? I am looking forward to it.

One of my friends asked me the reason why did I accept this offer? Is it about the love I once lost? I told her, a bit of desperation I guess. Just kidding. I just wanted to continue the job that was halted by personal and professional problems. About the lost love, honestly I am still hoping to meet her again and given the chance, talk about what happened in between. Yeah, I am a loser.

At 30, I think its about time to be serious with my career and life. I am not getting any younger.

As I pack my bags, I can’t help but be sad too as I am about to leave my family once again. But time passes by so quickly and the next thing I will know is that I am with them again once again. And don’t start asking me about my mother, she’s very emotional and I can’t help but be emotional too. The longing in her eyes melts my heart. Always.


For SkyWatch Friday

For the next days, months and maybe years, alone, I am going to count the rising and setting of the sun. Distance will never be a problem. Never. I hope so. My family will always be my inspiration.

Ganbatte, Totomai!



  1. Good luck, John. Though one month of bumming seems short for me, in fact, if I have saved enough probably, I will just enjoy the exciting life of adventure, hehe. I guess you're too excited to see Japan and maybe, just maybe, hoping to see her again :). Good luck, again.

  2. Think it this way, the good thing of leaving love ones in the meantime means making new love ones in return. Your friends are waiting and excited to meet you soon.

    Red carpet is waiting for your arrival.

    Happy trip!

  3. @ms beth, thanks, yes, one month is pretty short and its pretty long too. haha. oh, i am hoping again. do you think its time for me to move on? haha

    @jen, you're right. i will try to update my blog hehe

    @kuya ben, wow, red carpet. hehehe. i hope to see you all there... soon. thanks

  4. hi mai! happy trip... im happy for you mai, we are happy for you... hope you see her again... post mo nlang yung mga bago mong kuhang picture sa japan.. we will miss u more mai...

  5. GOODLUCK Mai! We miss you!

  6. @lav and ate arline, waa, miss ko lalo ang thailand. hehe thanks sa inyo, kita kita tayo balong araw

  7. What a beautiful posting! I can feel the hope and excitement!

    Very best wishes for the next stage in your future!

  8. thanks Gemma :-)yes, im excited but i dont know hehe

  9. Break a leg, Totomai!

    Often, we need to return to some place for another chance, for unfinished business or simply to begin again. Whatever the reason of your going back to Japan, may it would be fruitful.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  10. not only your job is waiting ~~ many of us are waiting for you here in japan ~^ we want you to be a part of the commitee for tf photo exhibit ~~ waiting

  11. tukayo i am happy for you! good luck, good luck, good luck! sayang nga lang hindi na tayo nagkita. pati yung pre-nup project natin, lumipad na sa alapaap. haha! ingats, parekoy! see you somewhere, sometime! :)

  12. Great to hear that, totomai. Goodluck with the new job! You deserve only the good things.

  13. totomai, wala ka gid gasabat sa email ko ba.ara ka na gali da sa japan?si jill ato man vietnam..miss ta na kamo..hope you will find your happiness there though i know your family will always be your inspiration. Dasig lang na ah..hope you can visit Singapore someday..:))

  14. @jeques, yes i know, maybe there's some reasons too im back here in japan. sorry havent visited your blog, im just depending on some available net connection hehehe

    @te moe, i will send a PM to you via flickr thanks hehe im excited to see all of you

    @Sweettalkingguy, thanks

    @tukayo, yup, im really very sorry, hmm, pano kaya? kelan pala kasal nyo hehe baka pwede naman post-nup basta shoot ko kaya balang araw. hehe pangako yan di na liliparin ng hangin hehe

    @Fritz, thanks, im back again here.

    @mamang, sus, naga email ko bala sa imo kaw ya wala nagabalos hehe. tani e no. musta ka na da? thanks gid mang

  15. I'm happy about these changes in your life.

  16. this almost feels like a yin and yang in the sky, the way the two colors interplay.. i love it!!

    only 30? still so young. :)
    goodluck in your next phase Totomai!

  17. A wonderful shot.. All the best for the restart of your professional life. I am glad you are going home. Mothers have more love for their children than anyone else.

  18. A marvelous shot for SkyWatch, such beautiful, vibrant colors... and good luck to you in your new future! :-)


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