Monday, September 22, 2008



clouds squeeze out tantrums
hurried feet join nature’s beat
sun and moon’s slumber

Do you really listen to the rhythm of the pourin’ rain? Sometimes, I do. Most of the times, I don’t. The rain and I have a love-hate relationship and it will stay that way until I lose all my hair.

The mere sound of the rain transports me back to my childhood years. Those were the times when me and my brother would skip lunch and avoid our father’s belt just to savor the natural shower. Normally, we stayed up on our roof or on a tree until the last raindrop. After the rain, we would then take our plates, a cup of rice and fried fish coupled with sinamak (spicy vinegar). Strange, but as soon as we started using our bare hands, our parents wrath faded away. Every time it rain, my mother didn’t have to remind us to do our chores. My brother would wash the pigs as I clean their pen. Or we would ask our neighbors for some pig’s food. As long as its raining, we are the most hardworking kids in the neighborhood. LOL!

But sometimes, the rain drives me mad. Oh well, yes, in cases where I am about to report for office or about to do an activity and I don't have an alternate plan to it. Exactly what happened last Sunday. I met Winston, one of my friends in Japan in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Two days ago, we decided to have a photowalk within the area for some street photography and random portraits. The weather was still fine when I arrived there. But when he reached our meeting place, the rain was pouring hard. Armed with a single umbrella, we pursued our plans to take photos of people running for their lives. Haha. From one corner to another, we positioned ourselves, continuously clicking our shutters. Despite the uncooperative shower, I was still able to appreciate the moment. Of course, we were careful enough not to moisten our cameras.

And before the skies finally closed its curtains, he treated me for a dinner. A payment for being late, I guess. LOL! Thanks for the pizza and pasta!

In Japan, the rain can be an omen too. Though a good omen that is. It signals the end of summer season and the start of autumn, my favorite season.

Love it or hate it, you can stop the rain from fallin’. I may be eighty soon but I’ll always be five every time it rains. LOL!


Congratulations to my blog godfather, Benj, for winning the Best Personal Blog during the recently concluded Philippine Blog Awards. Shout outs to Gibbs and Coy as well.



  1. masarap talaga balikan yung kabataan natin mai, lalo na yung pag lalaro sa ulan pero pwede rin nmang gawin yan sa edad nating eto, hihihi.. kaya lang ngayun, mas prefer kong matulog pag umuulan.. :)

  2. oo nga lav. gusto ko din last time maligo bago ako pumunta dito eh. kaso ayun tinamad

  3. korech lav, masarap matulog pag umuulan, lalo pag me kayakap, hahaha...miss mo na bro mo noh mai?

  4. he! kayakap kayo diyan. ako meron din, unan. hehe.

    oo naman miss ko na silang lahat

  5. hmm. me date sila ni scion, di man lang nagyaya. teka, umulan ba nung sunday? kasama ko kasi nun sa concert sina vina, sam, eric at chocolate. :-)

  6. atty, niyaya lang ako ni winnie. sya pasimuno, tingnan mo nanlibre pa nga haha.

    oo umulan. pupunta din sana kami sa concert nyo kaso 5 pm ang start yata e. ang layo pa namin sa syudad.


    natanggap mo ba PM ko?

  7. Atty:

    Nagpunta ako PNB noong umaga, eh sayang naman punta ko ng Tokyo kapag yun lang gagawin ko. Kaya hinatak ko na si Totomai para magshoot sa Shibuya.

    Hindi na ako nagtawag ng marami kasi nga mejo expected na uulan sa araw na yun, tsaka ayoko maging 'organizer' ng photowalk.

    Ang nagawa nga lang namin eh nagstay-put lang sa 2 spot sa Shibuya. Umuulan kasi eh. Nakakaasar na medyo masaya (dahil sa ulan effect on our pics hehehe).

  8. ayan na ang side ni scion atty. haha. makakasuhan pa din ba sya? o abswelto na?

    at isa pang rason, dadami daw kasi ililibre na in case e haha

  9. I love the rain even if my human flesh is forcing me to hate it - I have an unusual allergies for rain showers - I get this beads of rushes like the liquid pearls of raindrops when I bathe in the rain since I was a kid. But even this life and death situation doesn't stop me from running out to catch this fluid stones from heaven.

    There are just some things in life we love unconditionally. And for me, the rain is one of them.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  10. oh man, youre miss a lot! LOL! but as they say, masarap ang bawal!

  11. Prayers for rain answered - rice harvest more secure - but the resulting power outs keep me away from my PC...Priorities!

  12. @stan, lol. haha priorities indeed :-)


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