Sunday, September 28, 2008


The breeze is getting colder and the heavens shed a tear or two each day. The phenomenon only means one thing, my favorite season is coming. Yes, autumn is approaching and I am anticipating its arrival already. Autumn, in my opinion, is the most poetic among the four seasons but please don’t ask me why, its just how I see it. LOL! It can be a good venue for photo opportunities, time to capture nature’s canvass, or could be an inspiration for penning a poem, a perfect metaphor or an appropriate personification.


But what I don’t really look forward during this time is the fact that I have to wear a business suit coming to the office. Time to say goodbye to short sleeved-polo shirts. Haha! Just this morning, I went to a department store and look for a decent suit. I found one and it appears like I have to save enough money to buy one. It costs from 10,000 yen that made me hope that a super sale will happen soon! Or I'll ask my office for a refund, haha. Looking forward for that too.

For the past weeks, I have been waiting for the decision about my supposed-2 week-business-supervisory trip in Iran. Despite of having my visa approved, our company decided to only send one process engineer and I, having no experience about commissioning yet, is left behind. Good for the company and me though! LOL!

Last Friday, my officemates invited me to join them on Mt. Fuji Climb this coming October 11-13. The answer that they will only accept is YES! And I said, of course! They are now planning the itinerary and I think I will be the official photographer and I have no qualm about it. After failed attempts of seeing Fuji-san, I hope this will be the chance to finally see him. (update: due to the sudden change of temperature, this activity is canceled.)

My friends and former officemates will be joining our company too. I think it will be this November. I will be playing the role of a “kuya” during their stay here and it will be like forever, LOL! I hope that they will arrive soon as projects are pouring in like rain.

Haha, looks like I’ve been anticipating lots of stuffs. This coming weekend, I am about to see, finaly, one of my oldest flickr friends, moemoechi, for her birthday celebration. I hope there’s no conflict in my schedule nor overtime will come my way. Happy Birthday Te Moe, hope to see you and I am eager to take hundreds of your portrait shots. LOL!

Also, this November, I will be joining a group of friends for a paragliding activity. I think its 7000 yen per life, LOL, I mean per flight. After experience parasailing in Thailand, I won’t be missing this activity no matter what. I hate flying, but I like this kind of adventure. Haha. Ironic. LOL!

Last Saturday, I joined a photo EB organized by Flickr Tokyo Photo Session. I’ve been trying to join the monthly events since I return to Japan. Believe me, it’s a cool group despite the fact that I can’t still remember all of their names as of this writing. Haha. Thanks Jess for the invitation. Looking forward in joining future shoots. Nice meeting you guys.

And before the year ends, of course, I am going home for the holidays. Sshh, my boss doesn’t know my plan yet. I’ll surprise him, don’t worry. I will be spending my 31st birthday with my family and that’s a special gift already.

Anticipation will never end as long as you continue anticipating. What did I just say? LOL!



  1. i can only cry seeing how masterful you are with taking photographs. kelan kaya ako matututo?! huhu

    uy pasama naman sa Fuji climb! at saan ba yung me 10,000 yen na suit? 20 halos nakikita ko e. :-)

  2. hala si atty o, pahumble pa. :-)

    uy, dito sa amin, merong mura. baka gusto mo bumili sabihin mo lang, dayain natin ang ticket ng train hehe

    tanong ko sa mga officemates ko. niyaya din kasi nila ako e hehe

  3. It was autumn too when I was in Warsaw last year, and I agree on the season being poetic. Lalo na pag puro yellow na yung dahon sa mga puno and nasa gitna ka ng park na puro foliage hehe.

    That photo is awesome, btw.

  4. @alvin, how time flies. ive been counting the days until the leaves will finally change their colors hehe.

    thanks. taken last sat yung pic na yan

  5. yay! autumn! Fall season! it's my favourite season too. i'm picking a wild guess why you like autumn: it depicts a very tranquil atmosphere... medyo sad at tamang tama sa mga katulad nating mahilig magbulay-bulay ng sarili. lalim ba? :D

  6. @tukayo, haha, mas lalo mo akong pinahirapan. anong magbulay bulay? contemplate? hehe

    musta buhay may asawa?

  7. yehey! kasama sa constipation...(ay!) anticipation pala , ang paragliding!!!:-D
    Akala ko magba-back out ka rin eh.

    ako nag-e-LBM na sa nerbyos! :-p

    Teka, kailangan ko yata talaga magpagawa ng disclaimer kay Atty r-yo.

  8. ate maki, oo naman, nakalista na yun. aba, pede si atty mag represent sa yo nyan hehehe

    dalhan kita diatabs? hehe

  9. Going to Iran my friend?

    Your blog's new look is awesome.

  10. @Julio, no my friend, our company decided to send one engineer to Iran only.

  11. hehehe ~~ thanks for the special mention ~~ see you next week

  12. be ready for your portraiture shoot hehehe. see you te


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