Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We used to stay until midnight with other kids in our neighborhood playing local games that children of today would envy. Or we would spend hours swimming in front of our grandparents’ house in Iloilo during vacation. We raced doing household chores to assist our parents. Or climbed the trees of our neighbors. Ah, those times.

Today is my younger brother’s birthday. And because its his special day, I must be a good brother to him. Just kidding, of course.


But our memories of childhood were not always fun-filled. Of course, there’s the unavoidable rivalry, jealousy and the likes. We grew up in a different academic environment. I studied in a private school, while he finished his education in a public institution. It was his choice after all no matter how hard we convinced him to enroll in the same school as mine. He lacks confidence and self-belief. I just can’t stand the times when he would approach me and ask me about his never-ending assignments and projects. Of course, my parents would be on his side and I have no other choice but to comply. It’s a default reaction on my part every time my brother demanded assistance, not until his junior year in high school. Our mother was summoned by the principal regarding the academic status of my brother. Three red marks on one grading period were signs of a possible repeater. Of course, we didn’t want that to happen to him as it will crush him down. I kept on updating his assignments and gave him some study techniques. I guess it proved to be effective. He was inspired to study though there were still hints of insecurities coming from him. He was able to finish high school and had been a top student on Mathematics each grading period.

He continued to surprise us during his college years. We always thought that he was joking when he said that his grades were high. Then one time, he asked my mother to go with him on recognition day. He was a dean’s lister. Who would have thought of that? I am so proud of him and he was doing everything on his own. Well, except on his researches and English subject projects. Oh, English, the main reason why he didn’t graduate as an honor student. He received the Outstanding Student Award for Economics and that certificate is hanged proudly on his room.

The shadow of lack of self confidence haunts him back after school. He once worked on one company but after three weeks he quitted. We can’t blame him after all he knows himself more than us. I know, he may not be successful yet with regards to his professional career but I believe sooner he will. Right now, my brother and his friends are starting to raise and breed fighting cocks and I hope it will be a hit in the future. They seem to be very dedicated to this business. Best of luck, Dorb!

A couple of weeks ago, he called to inform me that his kois died. Out of more than a hundred fishes, only three remain. He told me that he wanted to renovate the fish pond and I said, I think that’s a good idea. He should be careful of the chloride content while changing the water of the pond. Our house is like a jungle already, hehe.

We call him Dorb, the reverse of brod, by standers baptized him that way instead of his original nickname that’s not worth mentioning! Haha!

Good luck and have a great day, my bro! I also hope that you and Sarah will finally vow in front of the altar soon. Hehe! 

Be a good father to your son, Renier and a loving husband to your wife, Sara.

Again, Happy Birthday Dorb! Palangga ta ka!



Oh and he hates posing in front of the camera!


  1. sweet naman...hapi bday dorb (hehe, naki-dorb na rin ako)..

  2. wow ha! iba ka palang kuya totomai... sana isa ka sa naging kuya ko.. hehehe.. pwede naman maging kuya kita ano? d ba kuya? peace... :-)

  3. hihi para bang zoo ang house nyo anung hayop ka besfren happy bday dorb-ski

  4. @mata, haha oo naman, pwede kang maki dorb, kapatid naman kita e. height lang nagkatalo haha

    @lav, pede te lav, walang blema. kuya ko rin si reynaldo e kaya ate kita hehe

    @bespren, oo mukhang zoo bahay namin. kung pupunta ka, may gorilla na kami haha

  5. At school I was taught schooldays are the best of your life - maybe for teachers who only know school. On reflection though, my schooldays were filled with many happy memories.

  6. My thoughts on my school vary depending on my particular mood at the time. Often the past is tainted, or glorified, by this.

  7. Hi totomai--
    Thanks for this sweet tribute to your 'bro'...

    I hate to be so predictable but...fighting cocks? prejudices are showing. Sorry!

    Love your site, first time visiting!

  8. Thanks beth. oh yes, i just miss him hehehe. oh dont worry about the fighting cocks. hehe :-)

  9. thanks te. matutuwa yung kapatid ko, international ang bumati sa kanya :-)

  10. Happy birthday - and leave those shadows behind.

  11. A perfect post and picture from a perfect brother, hurra!!!

  12. Great shot and post for your brother. I hope he has a happy birthday.

  13. Beautiful shot and post for your brother!
    All the best, Anna

  14. A sort of left handed tribute ..

  15. nice one mai..hapi bday s bro m! he's lucky to have u=)


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