Tuesday, October 14, 2008



After two years, Flickr Philippines will showcase once again photographs taken by Filipino amateur and professional photographers through a photo exhibit. I was able to join their 2nd exhibit, Ikalawang Banat at Greenhills before. And this time, I am still one of the participants. Keep on trying ‘mai.

In cooperation with Yahoo SouthEast Asia, this year’s theme is Ikatlong Banat Na ‘To (Flickristas shoot Eight). From the group’s site

The number “8” is considered a perfectly balanced symbol. When laid sideways, it turns into the infinity sign. Its meaning to different cultures is just that—infinite. It can represent prosperity or wealth, but some also perceive it as an unlucky number. It means resurrection for others and destruction for some. Eight represents enlightenment, perfection, a day of rest or rock-and-rollin’ love.

This August 8, 2008 (08.08.08), let us explore the infinite meaning of the number 8 as Flickr Group Philippines, invites the Filipino Flickristas to 88 on 08.08.08.

Hobbyists and professionals alike who are members of the Flickr Group Philipines are called to show interpretations of the number “8”. The first 88 pictures to be posted automatically become part of a photo exhibit on Sept. 15-21*. Out of the 88 photos, eight will be adjudged winners. Great prizes and Flickr pro accounts are up for grabs!

After months of brainstorming from the organizers, the exhibit will be held this October 15-18, 2008 at Trinoma Mall, Cinema Lobby, Level 4 and the awarding ceremony will be on October 18, 2008 at exactly 6 pm.

To Flickr Group Philippines, good luck and congratulations! A big thank you as well to all the sponsors of this event. Cheers to all!

To all my friends in the Philippines , if you have the time, please visit the said venue and support this exhibit. (Well, I couldn't be there, but my picture will, hehe).

Keep on shooting Flickristas!



  1. ang galing, mukhang interesting jan mai, makikita ba namin lahat ng entries dito sa blog mo or sa site nila?

  2. tingnan ko after ng exhibit kung may kukuha ng pics ng entries hehe anjan ka pala sa korea no, di ka makakapunta dun hehe

  3. naku sayang. hehe. sa flickr group pa rin yun ang announcements hehe

  4. galing huh!
    so ibig sabihin, hinding hindi dapat mawawala ang contribution mo sa Filipino Exhibit Japan ~~ aasahan namin iyan (^o~)//

  5. hehe sige te. yung pic mo ang eexhibit natin hehehe :-)

  6. ay ang galing. try namin pumunta ni wifey... will mark that date, probably on the 18th. :)

  7. punta ka na tukayo haha wala naman ako dun e :-)

  8. yahoo!! punta ho kayo. at tignan ung mga photos. :-)

  9. tapos na ba 'to, totomai?


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