Wednesday, October 29, 2008


For once, I felt like I’m in a fantasy world. Lost in a labyrinth and surrounded by characters I usually see in televisions and sometimes in dreams. Last Sunday, I decided to go down from my place all the way to Kawasaki, Yokohama, Japan to witness the Halloween Parade that I’ve been hearing for years. Most of the people who went there were in costumes, well I have a natural one so I didn’t bother to dress up for the event.


Upon seeing this

Japan's biggest Halloween event returns with several days of events aimed at all ages. The highlight is the Halloween Parade, with thousands of entrants showing off wildly inventive costumes.

I thought, rain or shine, I must be there. No second-thoughts or whatsoever. I arrived at the place around 1230H. I didn’t know exactly where the place was, but from the train station, I saw a few people in Halloween attire, and all I did was to follow them. Luckily they were heading to the right place, or else.



As soon as I arrived there, I pulled out Nikki and forced her to take lots of photos. Of course, I did my part too. I tried speaking in Japanese but I often failed to follow-up my request. But yeah, seeing me with my camera, they knew that I wanted to take their photos. And I guess they enjoyed being photographed too.



For couple of hours, I kept on changing lens if I am not satisfied with my shots or moved from one area to another. I tried to squeeze in my body in the crowd and didn’t care about anything and anyone. On my own. It was a festive atmosphere and I’m glad I went there. Definitely, no regrets.



Just before the parade ended, I saw some of my friends from an online community. We stayed at Starbucks, and watched how the busy streets earlier turned into an almost abandoned place. Good times.


I just realized that fantasy is not always in dreams. It can be real for a minute or two.



  1. oo nga kng napapaligiran ka ba nman ng mga magagandang dilag na kakaiba yung costume, dba parang nasa mundo ka ng mga "enkantadya" whaaaa! enting kabisute pala... hehehe

    nice work mai, pag pasensyahan mo na ako kasi tagalog lang alam ko eh minsan mali pa... charing! hihihi

  2. haha. oo nga lav. di kaya sila ang maswerte kasi andun ako? ano sa palagay mo? haha

    ok lang yun lav, ako nga din mali mali ang tagalog. hehe salamat. musta na kayo diyan sa thailand?

  3. sus, nag eemote na naman,
    andito na ako sa pinas hehehe,

    ganda ng subjects mo,

  4. gaganda ng mga pix mai, as usual...=)

  5. hi Da, bawal mag emote hehehe. kaya mo yan

    Hi Ai. miss mo si dada? haha

  6. wonderful pics! what an amazing festival, I would love to attend.

  7. Witches have certainly changed a lot since I first heard about them as a child.

  8. not all first times are scary, after all. :)

  9. @missy, thank you. glad i went there. or ill else i'll end up blaming myself hehe

    @cricket, thanks :-) i think you should try next year hehe

    @stan, lol, they are now appealing, i must say

    @tukayo, haha. first time ba? :-)

  10. I love Pinkies! Because pink is my favorite color. (What's the connection?) :p

    Great shots!

    I already grabbed one of your creations ;) Kuya Glenn showed me your thread at TF.

  11. thanks Mariale, nice meeting you din.

    Thank you Rio


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