Monday, November 3, 2008


Two weeks ago, my boss asked me to fetch the new engineer at the airport. I decided to bring my camera, but this time with my 50mm lens. Its more handy and user friendly. Anyway, while waiting for my officemate, I saw a lady wearing a ‘Philippines’ sash. I thought, maybe she is one of the candidates of an upcoming beauty contest.


At first, I tried taking photos of her but to no success as I have a limited range. I decided to approach her after some kababayan’s flocked around her for a photograph or two. I asked if I can take a photo of hers. Well, I told her that I’ll be blogging about her. She gladly obliged. I asked her name, she said she is Patricia Fernandez, our country’s representative this coming Ms. International Pageant on Nov. 8 in Macau.


She was accommodating. I thought that the contest will be held here in Japan but she said the organizers considered Macau for a change but they will have an event here before heading to the host country. While talking to Patricia, Ms. Colombia arrived. Thinking that I am already there, I shyly requested Patricia to call Ms. Colombia for some shots. Glad they weren’t scared of me. Haha!


At the arrival area, I saw my officemate’s neck stretched all the way to the ceilings looking for me. Another candidate arrived but I have to go back home immediately or else we will be missing the train.

Good Luck to Ms. Philippines Patricia Fernandez and also to Ms. Colombia.

ETA (source)

Miss International 2008

Congratulations to Miss Colombia - 1st Runner-up
Congratulations to Miss Philippines, Patricia - Semi-Finalist, Top 12

see my camera did wonders. LOL!



any thoughts to distill?

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