Saturday, November 8, 2008


The leaves start to change their colors quite fast. The city’s temperature hurriedly drops. It only means one thing – welcome autumn. Well, it’s time to embrace the atmospheric change. I just observed though, this year is much colder than autumn two years ago.

Along with these natural changes, an increased workload and job responsibilities come. Who am I to complain? It’s a part of my job and I have to get used to it. I still have time to breathe, relax and rest but in the coming days, I think I don’t have that luxury of time anymore.

And since I still have that much needed relaxation space, I decided to join a group of Filipinos to witness the Daidogei 2008 World Cup event in Shizuoka, Japan. It required a three hour train ride from Tokyo. But believe me, it was a different experience.


First held in 1992, the Daidogei World Cup (daidogei means "street performance" or "busking") has increased in size every year.

In addition to the competitive World Cup category, Shizuoka welcomes street performers for three noncompetitive sections, totaling 154 performers from 23 countries. The performances take place from morning to evening, in streets and parks across the city.

Top performers display pantomime, acrobatics, magic, dance and "feet puppets," while others take over various street corners around the city. You don't even need to seek out a staged performance — performers for the "Walking Street" category will stop you along the street, perhaps even encouraging you to participate.

The talent is varied and collected from all corners of the globe, including pantomime from Belgium, circus from Ghana, comedy percussion from Canada and pole acrobatics from the U.S. Source

These street performers are like champions in their own field of expertise. And each stunt, trick or performance left everyone in awe. I bet the judges really had a hard time choosing the winner as every performer deserve that gold medal.





Aside from the watching these amazing routines, meeting lots of old and new friends is the most rewarding part of trip. From the never ending how are you’s to mouth-watering and longed Filipino foods to unlimited photo shoots and sessions. Whew. All I can say is I am glad that I am a part of this meet-up.


As I said earlier, the weather continues to change and sooner my schedule won’t be that flexible for other events, I think my last activity this year will be the paragliding event this November 23. I hope the weather will be fine as I am planning to take lots of aerial shots of Fuj-san. The weather and the clouds must cooperate this time.

Fingers crossed.



  1. syempre kasali ka kasi dun haha :-)

  2. your blog looks incredible tomati,, and i love the photos... what an amazing festival that must be.. i would love to see something like that hereon the streets of san fancisco....

  3. i;m sorry i spelled your name wrong,, totomai....

  4. I hope the weather holds up - can't wait to see the pics.

  5. hi paisley, yes, it was a great festival ;-)

    glad i traveled all the way from tokyo to shizuoka hehe


    @stan, oh yes, i will try everything just to take shots of mt fuji hehe

  6. Looks like an amazing day in an amazing place, and I'm glad you shared it with us.

  7. Your clown photo is magical! What an adventure.

  8. That looks like a great day and great entertainment. I would have loved it too.

  9. @lilibeth, yes it was great.

    @alisa, its one of my fave photos too

    @linda may, spectacular event :D

  10. Am thinking of backing out??? Hahaha... just because, because, because a lot of people will be coming and the thought just makes me cringed.


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