Thursday, December 11, 2008


I just realized that its already second week of December. I guess my workload is taking most of my time right now and I can’t actually blame it since it’s the busiest month of the year and everyone wants to finish his assignments and responsibilities before taking a well-deserved vacation.

I am going home on December 26 but before that I will be attending another supervisory work in South Korea on the 17th to 20th. I hope the job will be smooth so I can go back to Japan on the scheduled date and I can still have enough the time to prepare for my trip home.



my beats are heard by many
an ageless prophet

others wish me to speed up
few wants me to stop

my ticks will play ceaselessly
i am Mister Time


Time, how can I control? You will always take charge of the pacing. Adding insult to the injury is the current atmospheric temperature. Winter is coming (or has it already arrived?) and I have to live with that.

Japan is on full-illumination right now. Had no time to visit parks right now but I hope I can before going back to the Philippines. These lights are seducing me every time I view them on the train. A sight to behold and reminded me that it’s the Holiday Season already. Time to receive gifts once again, haha!

Anyway, just writing some babbles. A way to recognize if I am still normal, existing or not.



  1. Si Kuya, I wanna come with you to SK. Paki baggage mo na ako :p

  2. Do take time to capture the illumination on film. Wala masyadong lights sa pinas ngayon. See ya! :-)

  3. tingnan ko attorney. medyo busy kasi lately hehehe

  4. buti kapa uuwi ka... hehehe balik korea kana naman? magkikita kayo ni ai? cge ingat ka sa biyahe mo...

  5. malabo siguro lav. hehe medyo busy. pagod sa work. dami pa pressure hehe

  6. I like your idea of time as an ageless prophet! I can hear the ticks! Great poem!

  7. Normal? yes! (phew) - that makes me normal too! - great poetry.

  8. Thanks Stan, we are still normal, lol

  9. punta ka na kc d2, waaaaaaa, hehehe...^.^


  10. ayaw mo kasi punta dun e. haha. inaaliw ko na lang sarili ko di ko alam ano gagawin ko dun sa korea


any thoughts to distill?

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