Saturday, December 6, 2008



delight of bald trees
birds still lull on their parched limbs
bard’s masterpieces

Autumn. How I waited for it, but just in a wink, it’s gone. Either I was too lazy to go to autumnal paradises here in Japan, or I am in a concrete jungle where colorful leaves are scarce. If only I could preserve this season for a year I would definitely do it. As I said in my previous posts, I really like the atmosphere it brings (well, except for sudden moments of homesickness) and I am not looking forward to the coming winter.


Autumn is very poetic that it draws an inspiration or two. It could squeeze out dried up creative juices of anyone. For me, it is a perfect time to reflect and if only this time could be frozen for 365 days, so be it. I have no objection as I want to be inspired for the whole year.


Though sometimes, others would say that autumn is a bit depressing, with all the trees stripped off their clothes, if you look closely, it’s not that depressing after all. At first glance, it feels like it but a few more breathes later, it will turn out to be a source of hope as you will be looking for spring and you can picture out how will it be painted with all the greens and blooms.


Anyway, one interesting tradition of sort I observe here in Japan is the bonding moment of families, friends, expats during this season. Lots of people flock in the park, have picnic and observe how the foliage shed off its hues, or how they drop from the limbs or how the wind swirls the fallen leaves.


I am not sure if other countries have these autumn gatherings as I grow up from a tropical country where only rainy and sunny are the known seasons. But for me, I find it fascinating to be with your friends and family in a park watching a “natural” show. Or just maybe because Japanese never run out of ideas.

Again, I really like autumn and if only I have the powers to let it stay without a break for a year, I would do it.


If autumn is a person, I could be charged of stalking.



  1. What a beautiful post...and your photography is stunning!

  2. My first link to Japan. And your photography lives up to the Japanese reputation for discovering beauty everywhere.

  3. @Fledging Poet, thanks!

    @Rinkly, oh, domo arigatou. I hope to see more of Japan's beauty

  4. autumn for a year...i could live with that.

  5. Yes autumn is beautiful but it only part of the show. Those goreous coloured leaves precede the cherry blossoms of spring time and the white of winter and the flowers and warmth of summer. Lovely post.

  6. Another award-winning shot, tsk... I am truly humbled. No joke! You're an inspiration to this gloomy state, makes me forget PI... Crisis! Hehe...

  7. from my birds eye view,, you missed nothing.. the photos are exceptional.....

  8. @linda may, i know but spring is too colorful for me hehe

    @PI as in Philippine Islang o yung mura? bwhaha

    @paisley, thanks, but i wished it was longer

  9. Wow the photo's are absolutely stunning and yes I love Autumn as well as I do spring and summer. My relationship with winter is not that good but it doesn't take long here in NZ

  10. I love autumn as well and one of the reasons I love it is because it is so short and it reminds me that with a blink of an eye it will be gone again til next year. Makes me more aware of the details in all of life. Absolutely love the photos. Great work.


  11. @Marja, thanks. same here, i dont like winter that much haha

    @elizabeth, thanks. i know. autumn is like.. where is it? lol

  12. Autumn seemed short because it rained the whole time last September and even became cold as early as November.

    'Twas just like in 2 weeks!

  13. he he. i guess I should charge you instead for the nosebleed. me poetry ba naman!

  14. i love the colors of autumn!
    especially when i see it through your eyes!

  15. lovely pictures john. i love autumn but i also love spring, summer and winter. in as much as i love the foliage of the mountains from the trees during fall, i also love the foliage of the foothills, the meadows and the valleys with carpeting wildflowers as far as your eyes can see. but i guess it really depends on one's experience and on which part of the globe, since when i lived in the east coast, i did not see any spring foliage as intense and as wide as in the west, no carpeting wildflowers and horizon of wildflowers, just a little bloom here and there. plus spring means thunderous waterfalls and raging river as the snow melts. i love winter too, for me a perfect time to hike i the desert when it cools down, and at the same time i love sledding in snowshoeing, not to mention the migration of marine mammals, i see more marine mammals and life the most. and i love summer too, a time where i get to enjoy ocean surfing the most, and most of the mountain trails are free from snow to hike longer disntances and climb mountains and enjoy being at the top of the world. just make use of all seasons so you get a 365 happy days. all of them are beautiful and i love the changes.

  16. Your photo's blow me away. Pure beauty and perfect composition. I can so relate to your joy in Autumn and sadness at its departure.

  17. @atty, nosebleed mo mukha mo! hehe musta pinas?

    @te anne, ayan blush uli ako hehe. salamat

    @ms beth, hehe thanks ms beth for sharing your opinion. tamad lang gid ko guro ya mag winter hehehe. tamad bi maggiho

    @alisa, thanks

  18. everyday is an improvement day para ke mai,
    konti pa mai, lalabas ka na,, oo lalabas ka na bilang isa sa pinakamahusay na me hawak ng dslr hehehe

  19. thanks Da,

    akala ko kung ano ang lalabas hehehehe :-)

  20. Great post about Autumn. You know I'm crazy about Autumn :) We experience the beauty of Autumn here where I am in the U.S. The colors and the crisp in the air. It's simply beautiful! I have one living with me:) And she is beautiful and such a joy to everyone. I'm grateful I can enjoy her all year long.

  21. Sorry, I forgot to put my name on my post :)

  22. hi kars, happy holidays! hehe regards kay autumn. hope to see her someday too


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