Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Before it was bowling. Now, its photography – the hobby I wouldn’t trade to anything. I have been a photography enthusiast since 2006 and from that time on I never stopped clicking my camera. It’s the same also that I submitted myself to Flickr addiction and as they say, the rest is history.

this out of this world shot was taken by Ate Maki


I heard voices chanting
shoot it.
I abide with
unacceptable no’s.

Took my gears,
aimed at the suspect
and fired ceaselessly.

I am guilty,
awaiting for the verdict.

I am slave
to the voices
within me
my masters in photography.


One of the earliest groups I joined in was The World Through My Eyes. With more than 45,000 members worldwide, visiting the site each day treats you to an array of wonderful and interesting photographs. It made me realized that there are lots who share the passion as me. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, one of the admins, Jill, sent me a flickr mail asking me if I am interested to be this week’s TWMTME featured photographer. At first I am quite surprised but later it turned to be a humbling honor on my part. I thought, they want to showcase me and my photos, it only means that there are people interested in my photography. I dreaded the questions though, and was glad that there are no technical photography-related queries or else I will scan through the internet to find the answers. LOL!

But anyway, here’s the entirety of the interview, just quoting it from here.

The transcript can be found here too.

Whew! Choosing two photos only is a torture. I hope my other photos won’t take this choice against them, lol. But anywhere, here are my choices:

I'd like to introduce this weeks Featured Photographer -the wonderful Totomai from Japan!! Totomai takes photos of a range of subjects but each is captured with style and flair! Please take a look at his fabulous photostream and see what I mean.


This is my favorite candid shot. Taken during a street parade in Kawasaki, Japan. I thought I captured the mood, the colors and the composition the way I imagined it.


Aside from the fact that I am fascinated with monks, my favorite photography subject is “From Behind” shots. I find it more intriguing and dramatic to visualize what’s on the other side. This was taken in Bangkok, Thailand.


As for the questions:

1) How long have you been involved in photography?

I think I got interested in photography around 2006, if my memory is correct.

2) Equipment you use?

I started with Casey, my Casio EX-Z40 point and shoot camera.
A year after I had Nikki, my Nikon D80. My lenses are 18-200mm VR, 50mm 1.8f and 105mm 2.8f

3) Mac or PC?

Its PC for me.

4) What inspires you?

Anything. Anyone. Anywhere. I always believe that there are uniqueness in each particular subject waiting to be discovered and captured.

5) Preferred subject matter?

From Behind Shots. I’m a coward, lol. But seriously, I really like taking shots from behind. For me, it tells a lot and could spark off the imagination of the viewer.

Candid and Portrait Shots. I am trying different approaches on these two subjects. Its only recently I got interested on these. I hope I can improve with regards to these.

6) Name one thing you haven't caught with the camera that you REALLY want to capture.

This is a tricky one. But since I am in Japan now, I think, the Diamond Fuji phenomenon. It’s a rare phenomenon that’s happening twice a year only.

7) When in doubt about your art, who do you confide in?

My friends give an advice or two if I ask for some. And I appreciate every suggested idea. But at the end of the day, I am still the one who will assess and finalize my work of art.

8) Qualifications/training in anything? ie: Photoshop

Zero training when it comes to photography. Though I am trying to learn via trial and error processes.

9) Plans for the future?

I will never stop clicking my camera as long as I can see subjects worth capturing. I won’t be trading this hobby of mine to anything as this is my only solace when stress and other work-related anxieties come my way, lol.

10) In one word, describe your photography.



I hope I was able to inspire a photographer or two. And remember, taking photos is about fun. Don’t pressure yourself in taking “perfect” shots or else you won’t be enjoying your camera moment. (I know, I’ve been through that before. And it was painful).

Just click and be happy.



  1. Out of this world shot ka jyan!
    Ako 'tong hirap na hirap kaka-bilang ng 1-2-3, cue mo when to jump..pati ako napapa-sabay ng talon sa iyo..bwehehe

  2. hi te,

    sana pala kinunan din kita na nakatalon. di bale, meron ka din ung nag hiphop hehe

  3. weee, kakabasa ko lng last week nung na-feature sa TWTME, sabi ko "ang galing nman nito, na-feature sya"...tas ngaun, ikaw na, weeeee, so so proud of u mai...sana nxt time, cla dada nman, rey & lav and lahat ng members sa baguhang maniniyot group, lahat sila inspired by you, galing mo tlg, hehehe...^.^


  4. thanks mata. glad to know na nag inspire din ako sa inyo at sa mga members ng mga maniniyot hehe. i know someday ma showcase din sila :-)

  5. galing! go!go! totomai! ayan ha... proud kami sa yo... ikaw ata yung naging inspirasyun namin... kaya nga nakabili kami ng dslr eh... hehehe... galing mo mai... as in...
    kahit nga c enzo eh natuto na ring mag picture... hehehehe

  6. thanks lav. nakakataba naman ng katawan, este ng puso malaman naka inspire pala ako sa inyo. pero sabi ko nga wala akong kasalanan hehehe.

    dagdagan pa ang mga lens haha ;-) regards kina enzo. haha

    PS si rey di marunong mag comment haha

  7. hahaha...congrats mai.. galing mo talaga... at ang mga sagot mo ha hanep ang dating pang miss Universe.. well done mai. you deserved it..

  8. ayan o paautograph naman idol bat walang tungkol sa love life hihihi galing mo talaga bf hihihi-ski

  9. nang dahil kay mai lahat na kami rito may mga bigatin na rin kaming camera. every week kasing nag send ng mga magaganda nyang kuha. tuloy, mamahalin ng mga toys ang hilig namin hahaha.
    grabe ka mai. idol ka ng masang mahilig sa potograpiya.

  10. w(・o・)w
    Celebrity na si Kuya!
    How many times na ba?

  11. humbled we are too, walking in the shadows of a celebrity like you. here's a toast to bigger things ahead, and may you never tire sharing your expertise with us, who idolize you and your work.

  12. Idol! galing mo talaga. tunay na artist at kung sumagot from d heart.mai fave ko yung mga kuha mo na tao kasi ang hirap nun.napapayag mo pa magmodel yung mga monks.hehe..

  13. congrats mai-te...sikat kana mai-te.. you deserve all the compliments... kasi maganda talaga ang mga kuha mo mai-te. hangang-hanga kami sayo mai-te...cheers mate...

  14. @reynaldo, bwahaha, hayaan mo na. ang hirap nga maghanap ng dictionary para diyan e. salamat

    @bf ski - sensya, wala silang tinanong about lovelife e bwahaha

    @kuya willy, hala di ko kasalanan yan. ako ay isang adik lang na nanghawa hehe. salamat kuya

    @mariale, lol, isang beses lang. eto lang e

    @attorney, pahid muna nosebleed. thanks din for all the photo opportunities. sayang at uuwi ka na. ingat na lang kita kita sa pinas

    @almae, hehe. di alam ng monk na yan haha secret ba. hehe salamat

    @alvin, salamat, sooner kayo din yan :-)

  15. Hey that's so cool totomai! COngrats :)

    Btw, I was in Thailand last October as part of our backpacking trip (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam) :)

  16. Congrats! Bale 2x ka na maglilibre sa Thai resto ha! :D

  17. @ayeen. salamat. musta ka na diyan?

    @geo, thanks. i left thailand last May 2008.

    @scion, haha, di ka naman nagpapakita e. pano pa kita lilibre

  18. wowowowowooww.,,,, congratulation,, deserve mo yan mai, although naiingit ako, hahahahha,, idol pa rin kita, and evry photo mo me uniquness na tanging ikaw lang ang nakakagawa,,, hehehe, never stop clicking.

  19. @dada, loko bawal mainggit haha. mas lamang ka naman sa akin ng isang paligo e hehe

    @badz, nosebleed ako a. haha thanks wel, hehehe. ako pa din si totomai pogi haha

  20. My friend!
    You are big Photographer already. Would you mind to be my tutor?

  21. thanks Lam, say hi to everyone there in Thailand

  22. I thought i was some kind of photographer - until i visited Viewpoint gallery (Salford University). Some amazing local talent - so glad digital simplified the entire process.

  23. @Stan, lol, i know. even in flickr alone i am amazed by the talent there. :-)

  24. Poetry and photography! You are so lucky to have a talent for both.

    Gorgeous work!

  25. inspire a photographer or two? i think you had those long ago and still counting more.
    i was already part of that "a photographer or two" even as you were starting.
    idol na idol! :)

  26. Congratulations on your success. Cool poem too!

  27. @tumblewords, thanks :-)

    @Linda, im just forcing my muse to be back lol

    @ate anne, naks, namumula lalo ung mapula ko ng pisngi haha. salamat po te sa lahat ng encouragement

    @STG, thanks, it serves as an inspiration


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