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Fourteen years ago, we were bunch of 15-16 year-olds, unclear of what the future has in store for us. Sure, we had dreams and ambitions then but it wasn't until now we can confirm whether these were realized or not, or still remain as elusive dreams. Now we are adults but still has that child's heart. Haha!

We were La Consolacion College - Bacolod High School Batch 94.

The opportunity to gather and to catch up with each other was made possible through the persistence of the organizing committee (you know who you are). The event was held at Bar 21 last December 30, 2008 from 1830H - 0500H of the 31st. Well, some of them stayed until the dawn.

We may be on our 30's but after being in that venue, flashbacks and recollections from each attendees made everyone a decade and a half younger. Yes, we were like high school once again (blame it one batch group pic posted on the wall <-- CLASSIC)! The games brought so much memories, my only qualm was no one was asked to sing A Song of Loyalty nor St. Augustin's theme. But maybe on the next reunion, it will be included. Some of our batchmates that are based abroad, also sent their support, morally and financially. Though everyone preferred the latter. As they say, words can't really describe what happened. And since I was forced (lol) to be a part of the documentation team, here's some random pics of the event.

More or less 40 came. Each section had 60 students then. And our batch had 4 sections, hmm, where are the others? I hope on our 15th year, majority of us will be attending as the organizing committee is planning to invite some of our teachers and other personnel.

And you have a year to memorize this song, including the beat (action) when you lead this song.


A song of loyalty
We'll try to sing to thee
To the college we love
And though it's hard to say
What's in our hearts today
We shall float our praise above
Though words cannot express
Our actions we'll confess
Our very best we'll give to thee
From our hearts we shall sing, and our praise we'll give
As we honor our school today.


O comrades valiant for Alma Mater
Sing her praise to the sky
Her aspirations, her loyal standards
Be forever sung on high
We will pray everyday for her lasting memory
We will hope that the years will bring constant victory
Still singing O lofty tower, of lasting power
We'll give praise forever to thee.

It was nice meeting each one of you again. Until next year.



  1. Though i wasn't there...happy na ko coz i saw some of my classmates' beautiful faces; for so long i'm so wanting to see! Especially TOPHE...hehehe! (thnks to u Jon!)...ahaaay! hidlaw gid ko sa inyo bah! I hope this year i could be there and join you guys reminiscing about all the "could've beens", and the "what had been" in this past 14 years! I am so looking forward to "BE THERE"!

  2. tin happy new year man sa imo. hehe. syempre na mention ka gid to sa loveteam loveteam nga contest ni joan kag ni eisyl.

    mas mayo guro ma reunion man ta sa japan ay? ikaw, ako, si jennifer, gerard, rannie.

  3. reunions always bring us back good memories that only time has taken us. senti man mga reunion. pero makalipay. :)

  4. thank tukayo. lipay gid man kami a hehe

  5. thanks for posting totomai... maskitambok kaayo sa akon sa tanan ko da nga kuha, ok na lang! hehehe... sadya gid sang reunion maski dyutay lang ang nakaattend. tani by next yr makaattend ako liwat and so are those who failed to attend last tym tani makatiyempo kamo sa 2009.

  6. heheheh thanks man bespren. oo dapat makadto na sila tanan para kita naman di makadto hehehe

  7. john, thanks sa pics! well taken;) daw madalagan ko puli when i knew about that reunion but it was too impossible that time. hopefully this year maka-puli ko. missed to see old faces around bacolod esp ang batch ta! everybody looks so happy. thanks sa tanan nga organizers, all who made that event possible! miss u all!
    happy new year everyone!

  8. sige lang jen a, may dason gid na. hehe. oo ara gid to ang mga grupo mo. sadya gid ang reunion. mareunion man ta da bala :-)

  9. LaCo ka pala?
    LaCo din ako eh ... Grade School nga lang tsaka sa Kalookan ako hehehe

  10. ate anne, oo laco ako from grade school haha pero dito lang sa bacolod

  11. Great pictures! Gin-post ko man ang mga kuha ko. Abaw huo, nagdinalagko gid kita mga guya.

  12. Great pictures! Gin-post ko man ang mga kuha ko. Abaw huo, nagdinalagko gid kita mga guya.

  13. saw your pics too Claire. abaw diin na ang mga classmates ta nga naga pangayo ka pics. hapit man kamo sa sites namon ni claire

  14. HA HA. Puro talaga reunions ang naging bakasyon natin. Anyway, balita ko ikaw daw ang pinakamayaman sa batch nyo kaya sinagot mo lahat! Kami rin ha.

  15. oo naman sinagot ko lahat. sinagot ko lahat ng photos haha

  16. i could have stayed til the wee hours of the morning just like the old days (as if i didnt stay til 230 am. hehe). but new mom eh, duty calls.. hehe. but i did enjoy our get together. mas enjoy pa gd guro next reunion, kay mas damo pa gd ma attend. :D btw, john, pwede ni ma upload and save? so, i'll have my own file too. thanks.

  17. hi lin, you mean ang slide show na file? o individual pics?

    di ko sure kung pede ma save ang slide show, sa net na sya naka embed.

  18. hmm i feel like i'm intruding but sounds like it was a great reunion. everyone looks real happy. :)

    is the school system there different then? i'm forgetting.. we graduate at 17 in the states..

  19. @floreta, lol, nope you're not intruding hehe

    actually some schools in the philippines have grade 7 so graduates are usually 17 but for regular schools, we only have 10 yrs (6 elementary years and 4 high school years)

  20. hello to all LCCians batch '94. Nice to see familiar faces, though I couldn't name everyone in the pics.
    Congrats to the organizers for the effort and the time and thanks for sharing the pics. John, may I ask what kind/brand your camera is? ka professionally gid abi sg mga kuha :)
    from Cherrylyn Saladar-Pamatian

  21. hi che, happy new year.

    im using Nikon D80. thanks gid a.

  22. Johnny thanks so much for the pics, nice slideshow, nice commentary nice background music. Bago lang gid ko naka open mga emails ko kay nag conference ko for 1 week, anyway how can we save a copy of the pics? I want to have it printed hahahaha!


  23. great pictures john! i enjoy watching it! next year nman ah.


  24. eisyl, wala mo to nacopy kay claire? anyway, mabilin ko electronic file kay leizl tutal ari man di sya sa bacolod, pede nyo macopy sa iya a.

    judy. ok a. thanks gid pero daw plano ko sa masskara ko mapuli para lain naman hehe

  25. Loved this post. Reunions sure are alot of fun.

  26. The thought of reunions makes me feel old - attending them makes me feel young again.

  27. College reunions--old times and old friends who have all grown up. It's such a great post for the prompt. I do wish you all another reunion. My mom just celebrated her 60th class reunion.

  28. Thanks everyone. Yup, reunion is so cool!

  29. Happy times - nice post to allow us to know you better :)

  30. Reunions... my 10 year highschool reunion is happening this weekend, I believe. I'm not sure if the adult thing to do is skip it or attend...


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