Wednesday, January 7, 2009




the scent fills the air
a yummy invitation
utensils on lips

a bite on the lips
sweet taste coming from the air
cold invitation

hot invitation
kisses and burns reddish lips
comforted by air

the air sends an invitation to a deprived lips


Foods are organic.

With only 4 days left before I leave for Japan again, I made sure that I ate all the foods I missed for the past six months. And believe me, I ate non-stop until my cravings for these favorites were fulfilled. My mom is a good cook, you know.

Since I arrived, I've been eating this roasted pig/pork in every parties I attended. I missed this one but it had me on a saturation point that I can't even swallow it anymore. Cholesterol check, lol.


Yes, its so cheap here. I have these servings almost everyday especially during breakfast! Dipped in spicy vinegar and soy sauce, I can finish up to two plates of rice. Haha!


Of course, one of my favorite lunch menus. When I stayed in Manila, I was surprised that pochero was prepared with tomato sauce as I am used to our Ilonggo-type pochero since childhood.



This is made of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves. This was my breakfast during elementary years. Dipped in sugar, it gave me the strength for the day.


Would you believe that I only started eating milkfish when I started working? And until now, I only eat boneless ones. I am not sure about the recipe but its good. Really good.

Pork BBQ


The carinderia outside my school was very popular with its pork BBQ. Going home means I have to try at least one stick of it. A way of supporting my Alma Mater. LOL!

Manggang Hilaw


Just looking at the picture makes my mouth water. Whew!


My mom's adobo = Best adobo ever.


The best and cheapest dessert ever made, lol

I may be biased, but yes, nothing can compare to her adobo. Hope I can bring some of her magic with me.

I still have few days left and I have to spare some time to eat my other faves (chicken inasal, among others). I am dropping talaba on my favorite list for the meantime after that food poisoning incident I had last New Year's Eve.

Its so sad to think that these daily feasts are about to end. Back to a fast-paced world filled with fastfood chains and instant foods.

Poor me!



  1. ano ba 'tong cravings na 'to... nakakagutom! *groan*

  2. @tukayo, dami pang kulang pero kelangan ko lang mag post bwahaha. adik e.

  3. Naks, bisita ako diyan minsan sa Bacolod, patikim ng luto ng mama mo hehehehe

  4. @winnie, mas okay siguro na try mo muna ang luto ko haha.

  5. nakakagutom! wrong timing naman! wala na akong mabibilihan ng pagkain. :))

  6. mykel, you're leaving alone? hehehe

  7. di ko natikman ang banana Q huhuhuh

  8. te di ko pa din natitikman kaya wala pa ako pic. haha baka sa sunday pa, lol

  9. Nice work - I like the style and the food looks delectable!

  10. Looks like you like good food, do you cook too?

  11. binalikan ko 'tong post mo... halatang nasa Pilipinas ka. hehehehe

  12. @TW, thanks.

    @STG, nope. I cant cook. lol

    @tukayo, wala na ako sa pinas, haha

  13. omg you're making me hungry and miss the philippines!!! i loooooooove lichon.. and diniguan. :D

  14. Interesting foods pictured here. I don't know what some of them are but they look good and would love to test them out :)

  15. A post to make me feel very hungry. I could almost taste it :-)

  16. @floreta, wow, you liked dinuguan? hehe. sorry i dont have a shot of it

    @linda may, they are all delicious. lol. coming from me. hehe

    @anthony, thanks

  17. yup, i love diniguan.. been back several times and born there.. enough to still love the food culture.. even 'gross' stuff. though, cannot get myself to try balot. i like hanging rice. good for kinamut.. and going to the beach. what is manggang hilaw? looks like mango with salt? good too.

  18. yes, manggang hilaw is unripe mango (lol, sorry for the not-so-right english) haha!

    in four days time, i will back to japan thats why ill be eating the foods i can, as i dont know how to cook. lol

  19. totomai,

    food trip ha, makagulutom ang mga pics... :) me too, I embarked on a see-food diet when I went home sa bacolod last month...

    just a little info - ibos is wrapped in young coconut leaves and not in banana as you have stated... :)

  20. oh really, i didnt know that, lol. thanks.

    pero parang ang laki nya para maging coconut leaves. hehe

  21. Oh, my gosh, I'm so hungry, now!

    And I love your tritina!

  22. daw namit inang ibos to ah.. sayang.. may ara ko sadto lola namit maghimo sina.. tung napatay sya wla may nagmana sang recipe nya.. sayang gid..

    ako daw natam-an man ka lechon tung pagpuli dira.. hinay-hinay lang sa cholesterol hehehe

  23. thanks Linda :-)

    kiks, amo na gani hinay hinay man ko kaon. pero ok lang kay pagbalik ko japan di naman kakaon mo hehe

  24. Makes me wonder what I have missed at the last restaurant I visited!

  25. i'll figure out what i ate earlier too, lol

  26. john, ang adobo guid ya ang akon nadumtan, as in ginpahidlaw-hidlaw mo guid ako, now, daw mahibi ako , hihihihi/joke, pero, really, hidlaw guid ako john and your pictures don't help me at all instead it makes me crave even more, but i know that is your purpose and you may be laughing out loud there right now. i eat crabs here often, as long i take claritin, but yeah, one crab= $12 sometimes more, talaba?, one talaba is $1 or more, i may be crazy but i still eat a lot of them better to spend money to answer your cravings than to spend it on medicines when you get sick from depression, hahahaha! mura dito yung manok, baboy na walang taba at karne. anyway, i do make my own banana q too kaso lang hindi kasing sarap nung nabibibili sa sidewalk.

    anyway, i will just dream about your mom's adobo right now. sad :(

  27. hehe ms beth wala ko gani kabalon :-(

    baw, naga-claritin ka man gali? si mama bala naga claritin man di na sya gani subong kaon seafoods hehehe

    balik na naman ko di sa fastfoods :-(

  28. ano ka ba naman... kung kelan ako naka south beach diet tsaka ka mag po post ng pagkain hu hu hu

  29. naku ate anne. sorry nasira ko yata diet mo hehe

  30. hinay-hinay lang tomai,baka bigla ka lumubo pagbalik mo dito sa japan...hehehe


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