Sunday, January 11, 2009


Vacation's almost over. Sixteen days off from work seem not enough. Well, I have no choice but to be back to the real world once again, work, seminar, client's meeting, reports and the likes. I'm looking forward for them, lol.

I think this is the most difficult part of vacation. Packing your things whilecomforting and reassuring your mom that everything's going to be fine. I have only 12 hours left before I go to Manila, and then to Japan the next day.


I could say that my well-deserved vacation was a grand one. I mostly stayed at home with my family (I think I allotted only 3 days with my friends). Spoiled by foods my mother prepared, I think I gained weight. I have no problem with that as I will surely lose it fast. I can't really enumerate the things we've done during the holidays (lol, but that food poisoning incident that made them worry deserved to be mentioned) but I'll be bringing those memories on my way to the Land of the Rising Sun.

I am not sure when I will be going home again, I am planning to go home on October instead of the usual December annual leave. Come what may. One of our common wishes this year is for us to stay healthy throughout the year. My parents and aunt may be aging but I hope no sickness will come their way. I hope my brother to physically fit too, lol, as he is the one taking care of them.

Yeah, I'll see them in October or December. If my workloads will allow me to have time to rest, and the airfare will be bearable, I will be home in an instant. Haha!

And since my flight to Japan on Tuesday is scheduled at 0920H, I have to stay in Manila for one day. This is an opportunity to meet some of my friends, Michiko, Tukayo and Attorney. Hope to see them in place that I know as I don't want to be lost in a jungle called Metro Manila. After meeting them, there's no stopping to be back to the real world, back to neck ties and suits. Haha!

I just realized, ten months seem to long. Or I'll just ask my family to visit me in Japan.



  1. awww... bye bye time? that's sad but whatever, babalik ka rin! :)

    see you tukayo! ;)

  2. Anong meron pag October? Hindi ba mahirap/maikli lang vacation mo nun?

    Have a safe trip! Akala ko date kayo ni Michiko-san, may chaperone pa palang atty. haha

  3. @tukayo, oo bye bye time na haha. ang lungkot. haha. malungkot sila. waaaa.

    yup see you too.

    @winnie, masskara festival kasi sa october. gusto ko itry bakasyon. haha para maka photo shoot.

    lunch si michiko, gabi si attorney haha

  4. don't forget my napoleones and virgie's mango tarts!!!! ^_^

  5. naku, mukhang friendship lang ang pasalubong ko haha

  6. cry cry time again...waaaaa, lagi n lng "sana last na to, last na to", hehehe...ingat ka sa byahe mai...halong...God bless...

  7. @mariale, next time na lang haha

    @mata, di na cry cry no. tanda ko na at saka matapang na to hehe


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