Saturday, January 17, 2009


I must admit history do not interest me. And I am not really aware about current events. That's just me.

Two days before leaving for Japan, my friends invited (actually forced) me to go out with them and explore the city. Most of the time, I just stayed at home. And yeah, in order to feel the Negros' sun, I submitted. But the weather was uncooperative, it was gloomy and rainy but since it's already planned we made the most of it.

I have been hearing this place in Talisay City, Negros Occidental (that's a half an hour ride from Bacolod City) that is very popular with photo other photo enthusiasts, thus making them pilgrims. And I was one of them, who will travel and face the weather just to take a glimpse of this piece of history.

We arrived there around 1400H and wasted no time to enjoy and wander around the place. The skeleton of the mansion is still very beautiful, and at first glance, you can't really appreciate its beauty but the more you explore the more it ignite your interest. The skies are about spoil our visit.


This place is popularly known as The Ruins (Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson Mansion). Being there makes you wonder what was the lifestyle of these hacienderos. It is located in the center of sugarcane plantation and perhaps it will make you feel that you own all the land your eyes can see.

From its pamphlet,

The structure of The Ruins is of Italiante architecture with neo-Romanesque twin columns. The mansion was built after the death of Maria Braga and became Don Mariano's residence with his unmarried children. It was the largest residential structure ever built that time.

The structure made its sad fate in the early part of World War II when the USAFE, then guerrilla fighters in the Philippines burnt the mansion to prevent the Japanese forces from utilizing it as their headquarters. Despite the inferno it underwent, the structure still stands has withstood the test of time mainly due to oversized steel bars and the A-grade mixture of concrete used in its construction.


Talk about architecture and engineering.

The Ruins is really popular right now and its one of the tourist attractions in Negros Occidental. It can be a venue for pre-post nuptial shoots, weddings, concerts, family reunions, movie location and the likes. Interesting.

One area I like was the fountain at the heart of the garden. But its more beautiful during sundown.


The 4-tiered fountain was built after the construction of the mansion was finished. Angelina, one of the daughters, maintained a beautiful lily garden in and around this fountain. A Japanese gardener painstakingly took care of the plants until the burning of the mansion.

If you are somewhere in Negros Occidental, a stop over at this place is worthy to be included in your itinerary. An entrance fee of P25 is very cheap and reasonable. Of course, they have to maintain the place. And in any case, you are interested to go there, you can contact these following numbers, +63-34-495-2790 or +63-917-832-6003.

Visit the place and take a glimpse of the past.



  1. A haunting post and place: the kind of place that slides neatly into its own place in the back of the brain, takes up residence there, and shimmers. I like how you were at first a resistant pilgrim: resistance sometimes adds to the eventual power of the place.

  2. Photographers as Pilgrims! An interesting thought.

  3. The photographs are stunning. I can see you need to get out more!


  4. @murat11, yes indeed. im a lazy 'pilgrim' hehehe.

    @RR, just trying a different approach :-)

    @b, thanks, i will this year

  5. Lots of history there! Lovely photos, too!

  6. architectural shots & sunsets! perfect!
    definitely be going there someday...

  7. punta na kuya. ako ang tour guide libre mo pamasahe mula japan haha

  8. Beautiful and magical. I love abandoned places.

  9. hi Ann, same here. i loved it too

  10. A photographic pilgrimage, well penned and the pics of the mansion are a little haunting along with the neat history lesson.
    Nice post!

  11. would love to have you for a tour guide :D beautiful rainbow picture.

  12. @floreta, sure i would love to be your guide


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