Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Watching the moon alone in the skies brings back childhood memories. All children in our neighborhood would celebrate every time she is full. Since our parents couldn't stop us from playing, they would just gather together and talked about the achievements of their sons and daughters. Yes, we overheard it sometimes. We laughed, ran around, shouted. Our footsteps echoed throughout the neighborhood.

When I went home for a vacation, the entire street was very quiet. There are still children around but I think they are now pre-occupied with electronic gadgets, games, television shows. The silence is deafening. I realized, gone are the days when full moon means instant celebration and when the children ruled the streets.

The moon can be one's bestfriend too. Without anyone to turn to, you can go up to the roof, lie down, and talk to the moon who is very much willing to listen to you. Her light is enough to comfort you. You can tell her your secrets, inspirations, frustrations. She will listen intently. She will be the keeper of your memories and anytime she can refresh them to you. And she won't tell anyone.


Full Moon

Full moon,
I sit on this artificial beach
with the half-filled wine bottle
and reminisce the moment
of being together.
This moon
and the gentle breeze witnessed
our first kiss in sunflower field,
can’t forget the mocha scent of your lipstick;
you danced like a fairy,
swayed to the beat of the wind --
I was smitten.
One starless night,
you never came to our own spice-bush,
I waited for your embrace
until the spotlight turned off.

Next month --
there will be another full moon
another moment of reminiscing.


Cheesefest! I think I need an antibiotic now! Where is my sake?



  1. Beautiful poem. Those are powerful memories fed by the force of nature.

  2. I think this is most enchanting- how inspirational...and your web site as well-

  3. Love the cyclical theme of this poem.

  4. Beautiful. I haven't seen your work before. Welcome to OSI.

  5. glad to see you on the bandwagon toto (or on the train?).

    this is so romantic!

  6. "Yokoso OSI e!"
    (please correct me if i'm wrong)
    & thank u for "another full moon"..

  7. @Sandy, thanks. yes, the moon is my bestfriend sometimes lol

    @gmarie, glad to know this poem was inspirational to you. thanks also for liking my site

    @Deborah and fourwindshaiga, thanks to you both

    @floreta, yes, thanks for the welcome. lol

    @zoya, domo arigatou

  8. Nice work, as always - there is something about a full moon that creates, creates and creates more!

  9. Beautiful words, and excellent pictures. The moon can indeed be a friend.

  10. I kept thinking of werewolves, vampires, manananggal and others during full moon though. Sometimes, I can't help to scratch my own belly kapag kabilugan na. Nangangati siya, hehehe.

    I always like your entries. Helps me boost my puwetic skill? LoL.

    Seriously, nice post as always. Malamig ngayon, keep warm.

  11. @anthony, yes, it can be our friend most of the times.

    @kuya, hehe may lahi ka din pala. di ko nga binanggit yan baka kasi matakot sila s akin. seriously, salamat po. nakakataba ng puso ang comment nyo hehe naks

  12. hala, may in love. naiwan sa bacolod? he he

  13. reminiscing childhood days again...ganyan ba tlg pag 31 na? hahaha...joke lng mai...

    ewan ko lng kung me same sa paningin ko, pansinin mo mabuti ang moon, parang c Mama Mary na karga-karga c baby Jesus =)


  14. @atty, hindi, naiwan sa japan haha

    @mata, yup meron na din nakapagsabi nun. hehe

    oo naman 30 ka na din kaya hihi

  15. @manong: Yosh, ang comment. LOL! I can't stop laughing yet, hahaha!

    @r-yo: You are so right, pag full moon+poetry=in love!

    Take it from me. Nostalgic ang entry nato. Not just it recounts childhood days of patintero under the full moon lit. But under the lovers sky... :p

  16. @mariale, mukhang may mga moonlight memories ka a hehe


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