Saturday, February 28, 2009


Last Sunday, I, Winston and Attorney got an invite from a friend to watch Ms. International Foreigner. Well, actually we were requested to take photos of Lola Anita's granddaughter, who is one of the 20 finalists for the coveted crown. And since we were not official photographers, we tried to zoom out our lenses just to take good photos.

The pageant is open to all foreigners in Japan, mostly joined by ladies from Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, India and Kazakhstan. I think there were three sets, talent, national costume and Q&A portions (too bad, there's no swimsuit category).

Actually its good to see these girls in their national costumes. And of course, some of them stood out from the rest. We heard that Ms. Kazakhstan won the title, but its already very obvious that she will. She was a crowd favorite after all.



Honestly, I didn't like the stage. Haha. Its too bright and too starry for my taste. That's why most of my photos are taken on the left side of the stage, with this black wall highlighting the candidates.






One of my favorite parts was during the question and answer portion, the emcee asked the question in English, translated by his co-emcee in Japanese (since most of the judges are Japanese), and the candidate answered in Thai. Awesome!

Well, I guess in most parts of the world, beauty pageants really exists and will continue to exist as long as there are ladies that are interested to join and be crowned as a beauty queen someday.

Sometimes I think though, does the concept of beauty is lost once they are judged? I mean each one has its own criteria about beauty and once the winner is declared, the consolation others can get is the comforting words of 'you are still beautiful'.

Congrats to Ms. Kazakhstan and to the rest of the ladies.



  1. very beautiful. i love ethnic clothing. beauty pageants are really big in the philippines..

  2. yes i know. but i was surprised that beauty pageants exist in Japan too lol

  3. ms. Kazakhstan deserved it! nice pics! sayang nga alang swimsuit portion ;p

  4. that would've been an exciting portion hehe

  5. uso rin pa la ang mga pageant pageant na yan sa ibang bansa hehehe akala ko dito lang sa Pilipinas.

  6. haha oo nga, meron din pala dito haha

  7. Beautiful photographs...enjoyed your post!

  8. Great shots totomai... I can't imagine a well-lit stage. You have certainly outstaged it... :)

  9. Are you sure it wasn't me? Haha :p But still and always, your photos are fantastic! Fantabulous :)

  10. @FP, thanks

    @CW, it was challenging. have to use the availability of the spotlight. thanks.

    @Mariale, kung sumali ka talo mo sila. by the way, may blog feature na din pala sa timog forums. may tagalog blog ako dun haha

  11. They are great photopgraphs. I understand what you mean about the concept of beauty, it is very hard to make sense of.

  12. Good choice to use the black backdrop - but, of course, you know that. Grin. Lovely photos...

  13. @Penny. thanks. but yeah, i think all are beautiful. its better to be on the safe side. haha

    @TW, hehe, thanks. the stage design was frustrating lol

  14. such striking pictures and wardrobe --- beautiful!!!


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