Friday, February 20, 2009


I am very vocal that I am not a flash photography fanatic. I always prefer the natural lighting. That's why most of my indoor and night shots suck big time. I enjoy taking portraits, candid or posed. I just want to capture different faces and expressions if given the chance.

Last week, Lenard posted a photo shoot invitation in Timog Forums.

So for this workshop, we will be tackling the following:

* Camera operation basics.
* Photography Principles (apertures, exposures, etc)
* Composition styles
* Studio lighting (modeling light and strobes)

Since my field is in fashion/portrait photography, we will be having a model shoot. Settings, concepts and the above mentioned subjects will be tested and done hands-on during the shoot.

Fashion photography sounds interesting I thought. It took me a while to decide and when I am about to post my name on the list, lol, it was already filled-in. I was on the waiting list, but Lenard allowed me to be a part of it workshop anyway.

A day before the workshop, I decided to look for an external flash. I asked some of my fellow photo enthusiasts on what to buy. I went to Yodobashi Camera, saw two external flashes, SB 600 and SB 900. I picked the latter, paid to the cashier and went home immediately. I tried exploring the flash at home but, lazy as I am, I only managed to placed the batteries in.

Come Sunday, we met at Narimasu station. Lenard, now sporting a blond hair. Rance. Daryl and Steve. Reynanand Kid. And Kelley, our model with her boyfriend (I forgot the name). Off we went to Lenard's studio. He gave us brief introduction about the basics of photography while Kelley was getting a make-over.

I may be new to lighting, but I know I can trust not only Lenard but as well as the other enthusiasts to guide me.

Set 1. Combination of ambient and flash lighting. We went up to the roof deck. It wasn't scary going up, it was while going down (plus wearing a leather shoes definitely gave me a disadvantage). Ha ha!


I took lots of photos. Have some satisfying shots, and have disappointing ones (I always say, I should have trusted my instinct). But yeah, its my first, so be it. After the first set, we have a mini-break, feasting on the spaghetti prepared by Lenard's wife, Akemi. Yum! I guess she knew we needed energy.

Set 2. Its definitely all about lighting. And I am not talking about natural light. He gave instructions on how to use and utilize the available lighting set-up. He also challenged us to give instructions to the model, especially on what 'pose' we want her to do. She must comply, whether she likes it or not. Just kidding of course.


Set 3. A different location but with the same lighting set-up. Almost (I think, haha). This is actually my favorite set. I liked most of her pictures here. Funny but it never crossed my mind to use a different lens considering that there's no available light.


As much as I would like to get the technical details about the lighting set-up. I'm still unsure and I am afraid that I will be giving wrong information. Haha! Maybe Lenard can help me identify those.

By the way, totomai in action here.

video by Lenard

It was a fun shoot actually. Meeting friends is a great bonus of this workshop. Five hours weren't enough. Don't to forget to trust that your camera won't fail you in times you need it the most (well, include the batteries too).

'Nard, thanks again for the opportunity. And to the rest of the gang, see you again, I can feel it will be so soon.

Anyone interested in getting my services? Haha. Just kidding. Still have lots to learn.



  1. pro na pro na a...mai, pansinin mo pa rin ako kahit sikat ka na a...hahaha...muah!!...galing mo!!


  2. haha sikat mo mukha mo. nangangapa pa nga. dami ko pa kakainin na bigas

  3. so cool! can you photograph me?
    i think i will attend some free intro class too.. perk of buying my nikon at the camera shop.. i know about aperture/shutter speed but it's always nice to brush up and maybe i'll meet some other enthusiasts! i feel like such a novice =/

    you have such gorgeous portraits.

  4. my pleasure :-) when? hehe

    yup, its good to meet fellow photo enthusiasts really.

    if you have time maybe you can make a flickr account and there are lots of photos there and maybe theres a group within your area.

    good luck on your nikond40. im still learning too.


  5. oo, yes i do have a flickr account but it's not pro and i've practically reached my limit! not sure of how to network and get gazillian comments. haha. but i will look for the groups. good idea.

  6. lol @ gazillion comments. i think you can still add photos per month.

    my flickr account is totomai you can add me there

  7. totomai... nice pics despite being as you said a neophyte to flash photography...

    I like working with natural light and a fanatic of night photography... I seldom use flash... I still have much to learn too... :)

  8. same here, i really like natural lighting photography. but i realized sometimes we need flash too aha

  9. I think with digital it's easier to experiment with different lighting but you'll always be better at, or feel better about your preferred methods.

  10. Clever girl!
    Beats my feeble attempts with my little digital camera.

  11. Haha, but I'm called Boyeng, so what does it define me? :p Right on to the comments, you're 'it'. Next time I'll be the 'it' inside the frame :p Mas high mile ang fee nako compare to your photog fees :)

  12. @Mariale, boyeng is a slang word for crazy? haha just kidding.

    you're in the frame? hmm. which one do you prefer? in the video? or in the pics. take your pick hehe

  13. Haha, I have a ton of "crazy" moments in focus already. Hmmm, I can't reciprocate to your own video "moment"... It's your turf, not mine :p But I may give it a try, let's see :p

  14. nice one you made a blog about our workshop... since i got home i've been experimenting on my own haha! just couldn't get enough!

  15. I really enjoyed this! I just got a decent camera and still have so much to learn.

    You really have an eye for photography!

  16. @Mariale, lol, nosebleed ako sa english mo. pinapahirapan mo ako a hehe

    @daryl, that's good. i wanted to try experimenting, but time just won't allow me. and plus getting sick this week. oh well. thanks man.

    @Linda, go and explore your camera now. believe me, it will give you wonders. thanks

  17. This looked like a really fun day...I really want to learn photography one of these days. Great post!

  18. @FP, its a stress reliever, believe me :-)

  19. yes doc. lol. with the exception of your photoshoot lol


any thoughts to distill?

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