Sunday, July 19, 2009


There are no small or big plans. Each plan is equally important. I just came back from a beach outing organized and carefully planned by my friends here in Japan. A few weeks ago, I blogged how thankful I am to have friends brought by online forum communities. And our outing last weekend is a testament of this.

Its SUMMER officially in Japan. Not that it was announced or something but it was felt by everyone here and the best way to welcome is to embrace the warmth of the sun and wind at the beach. I am very sorry for haven't been participative enough during the planing stage but my good friends did a very good and well-detailed job to make sure that this will be a successful one. And it was. Thanks guys! (Specifics will be on my Filipino blog soon) By the way, this coincide also to the worldwide photowalk activity.

We went to Shimoda Beach, Izu, Shizuoka Perfecture Japan. The travel took three hours from Tokyo. I think its quite a popular summer destination here in Japan. We arrived there around 0930H and the weather attempted to spoil the party. I am not sure whether someone performed a rain dance ritual prompting the heavens to postpone its evil plans.

Anyway, the place is good considering Japan is never known for its beaches. There are artificial beaches here too. That would mean that Japanese are obsessed with beaches too even if they have to resort to man-made ones so its not fair to compare Japan beaches to that of Philippines' or Thailand's.


whispers of the waves
comforting stranded spirits
a powerful voice

That 2 days and 1 night adventure was more than enough to refresh us from all the stress we got from working 24 hrs a day. LOL! It was nice meeting all of you again. See you soon, and when i say 'soon' it doesn't mean another season.



  1. Those waves are exactly that. Beautiful poem. Thanks.

  2. hehee at nagamit si nikki... siguradong masaya ang lakad mo na yon basi sa naka sulat.

    congrats at masaya kana naman ulit..

    ngat pala dyan bro... miss kana rin namin dito.. alam mo nama sa thailand. napaligiran tayo ng maramng magandang dagat... hehehe


  3. @reynaldo, loko, kelangan ko lang gamitin baka kasi ako maging model haha. ang dumi na ni nikki kelangan ng linisin.

    oo nga miss ko na din thailand at kay jan. libre nyo kasi pamasahe ko para maka bisita din ako uli diyan hehe

    naks regards ka pa a, parang nasa opis ka lang haha

  4. sounds like fun. i love the beach! fake or not :)

  5. hi floreta, well, as for me, maybe yes, maybe no. lol but beach(es) is a good place to sleep..

  6. oh when will i ever be able to embrace Japan`s saltwaters? the humidity is indeed here, being so sticky is so irritating!

  7. a good plan that created a nice outing for you and your friends. the picture is beautiful and the poem is absolutely awesome

  8. "Whispers of the waves"...what a beautiful way to describe it. So glad you had a good time with your friends!

  9. Wow, love the poem and the beautiful picture. Thanks for taking time to share it.

  10. @ate rya, you are just 12 feet away from japan beaches hehe

    @Old Grizz, definitely. i am thankful for them. hope i dont sound like a parasite hehe

    @FP, because i heard them whispering to me hehe

    @Eva, thanks

    @narasnook, my pleasure

  11. too bad i was not able to join you. duty calls he he. but am definitely bracing myself for summer heat in the Philippines. ilang araw na lang, nasa beach na rin ako heheheheh.

  12. nice look into japan... i'm envious.

  13. Glad to hear you had a nice time those 2 days. Your photo is perfect. I'd love to be on the beach again soon but I live to far away. Your haiku is carries a strong voice. Have a great night.

  14. the picture stirs in me the deepeet set emotions.

    your post is superb!

    The Bigger Plan

  15. @QB, thanks

    @Michelle, it was like a lifetime. lol

    @AD, thanks too!

  16. cool poem.. I long to submerge myself below the waves.. It's been over 4 yrs!

  17. too bad it rained. thus the brown chocolatey water. >.< it's usually blue :) we were lucky last year. :D

    may next time pa!!! (sana kumpleto pa rin tayo! ^_^)

  18. I enjoyed your poem and would love to go wading in the water at the place where the photo shows the whispering waves.

  19. @katek, sabi nga nila, there is always next year hehe. salamat

    @maggie, any place has whispering waves

  20. Salamat rin mai! salamat sa lahat!

    gusto ko magbits ulit.. :(

  21. Mmmm....lovely poem. The ocean's voice, truly. Thank you for sharing! I visitied Japan when I was 16, but never made it to a beach. Maybe one day I will. :)

  22. true just 12 feet but Im not embracing this one... It would engulf me...

  23. na excite na tuloy ako sa summer beach camp namin

  24. @alaine, sige sa winter

    @kid, wala pong anuman haha

    @thisgirlremembers, well, i guess its time for you to go back to japan :-)

    @ate rya :-)

    @ate ade, kelan? san?

  25. Landlocked now. Would welcome any brine lapping my toes. Beuatiful haiku and image!

  26. beautiful haiku-- I like the contrast between the whisper and the powerful voice.

  27. @gautami thanks

    @gabrielle, your toes deserved it :-)

    @pam, glad you noticed it

  28. Love the idea of waves giving comfort to stranded spirits! I live near Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, Australia and always seek solace in the water, even if it is only by standing on my verandah watching the waters' moods and motions from afar!

  29. The sound of waves and ripples is enough to comfort you already. thanks GT


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