Saturday, July 11, 2009


So, shoot me. One of my resolutions before was to avoid entertaining the idea of buying photography gadgets and accessories, I failed. I have four lenses now, an external flash, a prokit and others. And I think, there's more to come. Such an expensive yet stress-dissolving hobby.

Photography IS and WILL BE a part of my life. It will be a hobby that I won't forsake. Mark my words. Though there are times that I got bored, uninspired and uninterested, but after a while that passion within just come rushing out once again.


if only i could think
i will find an angle
you haven't tried

if only i could speak
i will scream at the subjects
to participate

if only i could feel
i will complain
for times you mishandled me

if only i could whisper
these words to you
my bestfriend


This hobby, I must say started after I discovered Flickr, a site I only thought as a photo storage site. Sooner, I discovered that its more than that. I got addicted, hence, here I am needing a rehab to overcome this addiction. LOL! I am 3 yr-flickr old! I started with a humble Casio EX-Z40, and after her death, with Nikon D80. One thing is for sure, I won't be buying a new camera, unless its a gift. Haha!

For this post, I will be posting my Top 30 photos the past 3 years and after 1,245 uploads, based on favorites from other Flickr members and Flickr's interestingness ranking. After looking through my photostream earlier, it brought back lots of memories and made me realize how I progress in this field. I can't still see my future though, LOL!

1 Shoe


2 Deep


3 Fantasy


4 Shore


5 Beginning



serenity sunburn ending sandcastle cupped

paradise dorama lips angel sunrise

magnolias buddha drown nong gate 4 sakura

cracked okuribito drizzle youth stare

poppies vocation dreams autumn direction

These photos are very special to me and its an honor on my part to share each one of them to you. One of the reasons I continue sharing my photos is the fact that I was able to inspire one or two to try and explore the colorful world of photography. It's a feeling that cannot be quantified.

As I keep on repeating on my blogs, as long as I can see, I will try to capture everything and each opportunity that come my way. I'll keep on clicking!

Thanks to all my fellow photographers for inspiring me to experiment and go out of my comfort zone. I have lots to learn from each one of you!

More three years and photos to come. I hope. Again, Happy Flickr Birthday to me.



  1. hehehe... happy bday! ikaw yung inspiration namin...

    hope to see more beautiful and inspiring photos to come...

    we miss "kuya" mai... hehehe peace...

  2. your photos are very good. you do have a talent that goes beyond pointing the camera and firing away.

  3. I believe that we all have an innate need to create, wether it be art, music or poetry. Photography has been a lifelong interest of mine. One that I have never pursued but I am considering buying a new digital camera...I think that your blog has convinced me to do so.

  4. Your photos are truly an inspiration!

  5. Oh my God Your pictures are so beautiful so stunning It's like poetry in the best form Hugs

  6. salute to the flickr celebrity that you are. you deserve that stardom. adik ka ba naman. kahit yata sa pagtulog, katabi pa ang camera. at dahil sa inyo, napabili din ako ng prokit. di ko rin naman magagamit dahil kailangan ko pa bumili ng external flash. at btw, don't ever forget na ikaw din ang inspirasyon ko sa pagbili ng PSP. :-(

  7. You have been given a gift and that's why you have such passion in your heart. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world! You're truly talented.

    One of my favorite things to do is sit and look through photos at Flickr Creative Commons. Finding that perfect picture for my poems brings me so much joy.

    Thank you again for sharing those beautiful photos!

  8. You're a natural talent - go for it!

  9. @re and lav, miss ko na din kayo. salamat din. masaya din ako pag nakikita ko ang mga bago nyong uploads, ako na papaturo sa inyo..

    @Old Grizz, thanks, just trying to capture ordinary things differently

    @Jack, its good to hear if indeed this blog of mine finally convince you to buy a digicam. believe me, its fun

    @Dee, thanks.

    @Marja, thanks, actually its one of my intention, to put poetry in my photos.

    @Atty, bwahaha, sisihin ba ako. flickr celebrity mo mukha mo. adik. di ko kaya kasalan ang PSP, pero may games ko, gusto mo? haha

    @FP, thanks. its an honor on my part to share. i got inspiration from other photogs too so its just right for me to share...

    @Stan, khrup :-)

  10. Each photo seems to give a cameo insight into a soulful dimension! Simply beautiful!

    And the poem personifying a camera is wonderful!

  11. Some all round artistry there. Very talented.

  12. Happy 3yrs in Flickr Mai, thanks for introducing the photography to us. I never regret that I follow your steps through this expensive yet enjoying hobby....I also thank you for creating Baguhang Maniniyot as the first and the best group I have in Flickr...

    cheers mate... davebone

  13. Finding that angle is finding a way in. A great expression from journalism as well as photography.

  14. @GT, thanks for appreciating the photos.

    @anthony, thanks man

    @Dave, walang blema. masaya ako at masaya kayo. hehe bilib din ako sa mga kuha nyo. kita kita sa sunod

    @Sandy, thanks. still trying to capture things differently

  15. I so love the 1st photo, because I love shoes! :D

  16. and until now, i dont really know the exact reason why its my most popular photo on flickr. the one with most faves too

  17. sensei!!! oops, nakita ko, may ella! hihi! congrats!

  18. ibang umrella-ella yan :-) dito yan sa japan. salamat....

  19. Photography is a great thing. Have fun with it.

  20. Beautiful artist photos...very pleasing to the eyes.

  21. Congratulations on your Flickr anniversary Totomai!

    To more shutter clicks and mirror flips!!!

  22. The photos are stunning.. and your heartfelt verse compliment them so well.. Loved going through your post!

  23. @spacedlaw, definitely :-)

    @Maggie, thanks

    @Mark, thanks. minsan nawawala din ako sa flickr, lol

    @DL, domo arigatou

  24. congrats, happy 3rd year sa flickr...

  25. Congratulations Totomai. I think mine will be around October. Happy birthday to our friendship as well. I think we're more than a year as friends even if most of it was online. LOL!

  26. @anonymous, salamat

    @meemax, lol, yes it was more than a year since we met at Challenge You before haha

  27. You are very talented - I admire each of your photos!

  28. I love the poem and I can see why you are addictied to photography. You have a gift.

  29. you are as good photographer as the poem :) !! pics inspire me to write and yours speak a lot .. :)

  30. @gautami, thanks

    @Nara, oh yes, I am an addict. lol. thanks

    @Lostmermaid, thanks for the kind words

  31. I just got into photography and I love it!

    Poetry and photography go so well together. Love your poem!

  32. thats so cool to know Linda! Hope to see more of your photos and poems together :-)

  33. good thoughts! i'm not much into photography, but all ur photos are beautiful. happy flickr birthday to u... and hope to see more photos of urs...

  34. Thanks Leo. I hope I wont run out of ideas :-)

  35. never stop taking pictures. sabi nga ng kanta, a picture paints a thousand words. :)

    happy third anniversary sa flickr mo. :)

  36. dapat may giveaway game ka for you anniversary to!
    Suggestion: Give away LENS! hahahha


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