Monday, July 6, 2009


I just signed my employment contract recently. An extension of one year, to be exact. It only means that I will be staying in Japan for another 365 days, unless unexpected twists will come my way. So for the meantime, congratulations to me. LOL! So I can finally say, I made the right decision of choosing Japan over Korea , a year ago.

Lots of things happened since the very first second I returned to Japan . Oops, just a warning, this is going to be a cheesy post. It might be. And since I am assured of another year here in Japan , I will not write about the ‘firsts’ I’ve done here the second time around. That would be on another post should I decide to leave Japan once again.

For the past year, Timog Forum, an online community of Filipinos in Japan played an important role in making my stay almost homesick-free. I’ve been a member of this community since 2005 but got active once again last year. Since its an online community, expect it to be filled with faceless strangers talking to you through the power of their keyboards. A cyber family relationship.


cluster of web friends
dealing with faceless strangers
online family

Yes, they be anonymous but they are bunch of respect-worthy netizens. I haven’t seen any of them since 2005 but I developed friendships from few of the members. Even when I left Japan then, we continued giving updates to one another. So when I returned, I decided to meet them. And slowly those faceless friends, are confirmed to real.

Aside from the oldies (my previous contacts since 2005, LOL!) , I was able to meet bunch of photography addicts through this site, one of the many reasons why I am so thankful to TF Forum. Despite making a promise to avoid establishing friendships again (due to employment contract period), I can’t help but to embrace the opportunity of having these friends in the Land of Rising Sun. I felt really blessed to have them. Lucky me! Our friendships are not limited to the clicks of camera nor model shoots. Its beyond that. It includes plurk and facebook. LOL!

Last year was a blast! And this year will be beyond belief!

Group hug, everyone!



  1. Cyber families are wonderful...I have one of those myself, and have also been lucky enough to start meeting some of them in person. Computer technology is definitely providing new ways for people to connect in friendship. Wonderful post...congrats on your one-year extension in Japan!

  2. Thanks FP, yes I know, cyber friends can be real. Thanks. Im looking forward to another 365 days hehe

  3. Group hug, Kuya. Kahit hindi ako kasali sa group :D And I forgot again my password sa TF, kaya good bye muna sa TF :p

  4. representation lang yung TF, pero syempre kasama ka din dun. :D

  5. another ramen year. omedeto gozaimasu!

  6. So damn cheesy... I want mine with some bacon and lettuce!!! Hahahaha... But don't forget to give yourself some merit too. For sure, it was your mild mannered nature that kept us (oi! kasali ba ako? :D) from strengthening this priceless brotherhood. Banzai!

  7. @kikit, arigatou!

    @kuya rad, bwahaha korniks ka pa din. aba malay ko na one year na pala ako haha. salamat din sa lahat. parang kelan lang ....

  8. Finding a place you belong is not an easy thing. I'm glad you decided to embrace your cyber friends.

  9. Web friends are like family.

    Congratulations on your contract.

  10. @Nara, its a blessing, I must say :-)

    @Sandy, indeed

  11. Congratulations on both your contract and your selection of fine cyber friends - so valuable!

  12. @TW, they are now real friends :-)

  13. group huuggg!

    i want one before i go. :'-(

  14. @alaine, ginawang plurk (haha)

    @meemax, sus, baka mauna pa akong umalis (goodluck)

  15. group hug na to.. (cozy) congrats sa extension.. yihee!!

  16. idaan na lang natin lahat sa group hug hehe

  17. A second family is such a gift. this time you can choose true kin.

    Happy to be twice removed from your new family. And congratulations on your new year in Japan!

  18. congrats for yet another year of photoshoots! =)

  19. Nice to meet you too mai.

    Glad to know you're staying longer. More fun, more shoots, I hope I can have karaoke time with you guys next time.

  20. @gabrielle, thanks

    @shin, domo arigatou.

    @randy, nice meeting you too. hehe sure. karaoke kahit di ako marunong kumanta

  21. I like interacting with my cyber family!

    Good one..

    walk those miles and miles

    BTW, your blog takes ages to load up!

  22. must feel good to have closure on deciding on a contract.

    tis an odd skew of world where familiars don't have faces but strangers do.

  23. @Guatami, me too! :-) thanks

    @Pearl, definitely, it was a sigh of relief... and you are absolutely right ;-)

  24. I love this line: "It includes plurk and facebook. LOL!"


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