Sunday, June 28, 2009


It was a long Saturday. Woke up not in my apartment, got a spaghetti and coke for breakfast, courtesy of my friends. A day like this made me feel that I am still normal. Normal in the sense that I am not that totally deprived of having a good breakfast. Living alone really has its disadvantage. One of them is cooking. But anyway, that's another story.

After breakfast, we went out to meet a group of friends for lunch. Its still a continuation of our friend's birthday. It was celebrated for almost two weeks. The group decided to have lunch at a Filipino Restaurant in Iidabashi, Tokyo, Japan. Glad that our stomachs were filled-up, we never expected what happened next. LOL!

We were treated for a death march around the city. We searched the store in a different location. But thanks to mobile navigation, we finally found the place after 30 minutes under the sun, drank 2-3 energy drinks and consumed packs of wet tissues. But it was fine to us since he was the oldest of the group. Respect the elder! Just kidding of course.

The group then headed to Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan to see the famous life-size Gundam RX-78. It will be opened to public by July or August but since they can't cover it, its almost equivalent to being opened to public already. Or maybe perhaps, there are other interesting features come those months. I guess it will be a good photo opportunity again.

If you look closely, it was well-made. The details from the structures to lights, are spot-on. An actual-real cinematic extravaganza, I say! I must wait for the day when it will be officially open to public. Lots of surprises for enthusiasts like me are likely going to happen. Fingers-crossed.


Gundam (ガンダム, Gandamu) is a metaseries of Japanese anime, featuring giant robots, or "mecha", created by Sunrise studios. The series started in April 1979 as a TV series called Mobile Suit Gundam, and later became a franchise name with more sequels, prequels, side stories and alternative timelines, published and aired in various media including TV anime, OVA, manga, novels, and video games. Gundam became a collective term for 7 different time lines, all featuring their own story-lines, with a few common denominators and war machines called Gundam. source

If you are into Japanese animation, this place is a must for you. The creators invested a lot of time and money to put this life-size robot into existence. One observation though, the crowd is 90% adult. The adults of younger hearts outnumbered the younger ones. It means that Gundam is really popular here in Japan. If only one can bring this home and have this as a toy. Haha!

With a roast turkey burger, its a wrap for all of us. It was a great time shooting with you guys. You all know who you are.



  1. Special talaga si Katek, 2 weeks na celebration hahaha

  2. haha ang bilis mag reply a. oo nga 2 weeks, baka pre nup na din un :D

  3. hahahah lagot ka! oldest in the group! dhehehe

  4. ang gagaling niyong mahula. haha. wala naman akong nabanggit na names haha.

    hi ate rya, musta?

  5. Some party - I'd love to visit the robot...

  6. Please elaborate on being alone-and-cooking topic :D I would like to know what you are eating, or if you really are eating when you're at your own abode :D

    Maka-relate lang. For almost 3 years ko here living alone, I'm still a bad cook :(

  7. @TW, the robot is waiting for you.

    @Mariale, how about mineral water for breakfast?

  8. andun naman ako nung friday. bat kaya di man lang ako nayaya sa lakad na to? :-(

  9. @attorney, wag ka alala ako nga naka leather shoes pa haha

  10. hay.. gusto ko na ring magpunta jan.. syempre wala na akong makakasama.. huhuhu

  11. pot, si kid di pa nakapunta hehe

  12. That life size robot is quite a unique toy to admire! Wow!

  13. Then I shall return! Sa Odaiba. :)

  14. @GT, yes it is

    @Kikit, punta na. bilis hehe

  15. Hmm, amazing feat they have there... :D

    I was once a Gundam fanatic... :D

    Here's to wishing I could get to actually see it! :D

  16. mai di ako nakapunta dito, kelan sya lilipad? baka di ko na maabutan.

  17. @Mark, hope you will have the chance to see it

    @Dada, sa august pa sya aalis hehe


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